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    May 2008

    Cool FR on KLstarclub . com girl ! (klang valley)

    Just for info sharing, I bumped up with a advertisement in some other forums. Basically this kind of website are quite numbered in market.

    Once I call up the OKT for reservation for Yao Jing(big boobies) in Maluri Hotel,4 pm yesterday,after reaching the hotel,instantly he give me the specific room number to knock.

    Name: Yao Jing (Devil in English name)
    Face: 7/10 (Look was quite good,not heavy make-up though)
    Skin: 7/10 (Minus point for the fairness,but no doubt she had smooth skin)
    Boobs: 9/10 (D cup,squeeze and suck like no tommorow)
    BBBJ: 10/10 Top Notch No Complain At All
    AR: 10/10 Face to Toe,but more on breast
    FK: Yes,but for a while
    FJ: 10/10 Sex machine!!!
    GFE: 10/10 (talkative,if you can speak in chinese that will be additional point)
    WIR: Yes *Writing this FR also thinking of how we do it can make my little bro hard*
    DMG: RM190 + tips


    Next trip, Turkey from Subang.

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    Sep 2010
    WIR: Yes *Writing this FR also thinking of how we do it can make my little bro hard*
    DMG: RM190 + tips
    good for u sir

    TQ for the nice Ivoire photo

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    Jul 2009
    been around WSG awhile, but this my 1st sharing here.
    call up OKT simon n booked Ting Ting in old klang road. arrived in hotel lobby OKT SMS room no. n go to room.
    knock, door open. greet by Ting Ting, look like different person from photo posted in site but still OK with big boobs. go in no kiss straight strip nude n go shower.
    shower she wash my small bro but stand a distance away, no tits rub, try to grab her close but she avoid. WTF
    dry up lay on bed wait for her to BJ. BJ was with good motion.
    my turn to eat her, want to suck her nipple she say cannot, only can grab/squeeze. want to finger her pussy, she grab my hand n say also cannot.
    boobs fuck her a while then proceed to FJ. start missionary, spoon, doggy n still not allow FK n suck nipple....nice expression n moan from her but i not cum yet.
    she say tired, so back to missionary again. i also no mood di, so i just want to finish it off. really give her a good hard pounding, imaging i'm raping her, put her legs on my shoulder n hard squeeze her boobs until i finally cum. really fuck her hard till my legs also tired/shaking di.
    wash up myself, pay her n left the room.

    Name: Ting Ting (old klang road)
    Face: 6/10 (look was OK but doesnt look like the photo at all, heavy make-up)
    Skin: 7/10
    ASS: the usual flat chinese ass
    Boobs: 9/10 (big cup)
    BBBJ: 8/10
    AR: NIL
    FK: NIL
    FJ: 8/10 (she got tired)
    GFE: 5/10 (no much feel, a bit rush)
    WIR: NO
    DMG: RM190 + tips


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