Hello guys

As a Genevan, I think that I can provide you with useful info. There are at least four types of prostitution in Geneva :

-Street prostitution, in the Pâquis red light district (a square delimited by rue de Monthoux, rue des Pâquis, rue Sismondi and rue de Berne, 200 m away from the main train station). A lot of girls in the street, mainly from Latin America and Africa, a lot of dealers and pickpockets as well: watch your pockets!
Fee is 100 CHF for more than thirty years. It gives you the right to a blow job and a fuck. Service can be really bad and sometimes great: it depends entirely on the girls. I had both appalling and wonderful experiences.
My advice: stay away from those girls who are too insistent, pick up the one who just gives you a nice smile as you’re passing by.
There are also girls in the streets around Boulevard Helvétique and Rue François-Lefort, they are few, lot of them are junkies and as far as I know, they work mostly in the customer’s car.

-Bar à champagne and cabaret prostitution: in Geneva, everybody knows it’s a rip-off. Stay away.

-Studio, parlour and brothel prostitution: starts usually around 100-200 CHF, can cost much more, for a quality usually better than in a street. You can find the adds in www.sex4u.ch, www.allolady.ch, www.myxpage.com and in the daily Tribune de Genève (the most complete one, unfortunately without pictures). The best known brothel is http://www.venusia.ch. Its policy is very transparent. They have tens of girls and state clearly on their website which one accepts sodomy, kisses, double penetration, etc. The costs are also well indicated.

-Escorts: Geneva has a lot of it, particularly in the high end, since there is money in this city. To be found on the net, but I can’t say much more since it’s not in my price range.

What else? Prostitution is perfectly legal in Switzerland, so are brothels as long as the owner respects certain rules (they have no right to impose schedules or customers to the girls, for example).

Be nice with our girls, respect them, enjoy and give us your feed-back !