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    Question CHERRY GIRLS ( V ) ANGELES BARS ( have you barfined a cherry girl ? )

    CHERRY GIRLS - has anyone here ever barfined a cherry girl ? if so did she let you do anything to her like kissing or oral sex , hand job or body massage ? i like going down on girls but never have on any kind of sex workers because of the chance of getting an std. i thought with a cherry girl it might be less of a chance of getting anything. if i barfined one it would be for short time only unless i really liked the girl. so if anyone has barfined a cherry girl let us know how it went for you .

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    Shadows I have some experience dealing with the cherry girls in the bars. I tend to be attracted to quiet non-pro looking "simple" girls as they call themselves proudly. Chances are pretty good she wont go with you at all but maybe if she likes you and you make her feel comfortable she might. The cherry girls usually do not think of themselves are prostitutes at all so they look at it as a date. Its best to get to talk to them on simple terms at first, buy them a drink, usually nonalchoholic ladies drink. The typical full blown defloweration is like 50,000 where she gets half and the bar gets half and obviously your not into that and neither am I. Your best bet is after talking to her if you feel shes warmed up, is to propose exactly what you want to do with her and tell her mamsan which hotel you are staying and let her know you wont force her to do anything shes not comfortable with and you are in no way after sex.

    If you talk one into going with you and she agrees at least you wont have to break out the dental dam! But be prepared for some drama

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    Over the years, I have heard some unpleasent stories involving cherry girl - don't know whether the stories were accurate.

    According to some such stories, it sometimes happens that a guy takes a cherry on a "non-vaginal-intercourse- BF" , and at some point she accuses him of rape - motivated by her will to explain the fact she is not really a cherry (and hasn't been for quite a while).

    I assume such cases are rare (if at all), but it is my general policy in AC to keep a safe distance from anything other than main stream beaten track BFs of BGs and waitresses from known bars - during their shifts.

    Naturally, I don't mean to say everyone must be exactly as risk- hating as I am.


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