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    the cheapest prostitutes in the world

    Hey all =) I've been trying to do some research on average prices of prostitutes by country. I've done a few google searches without a whole lot of success, and theres lots of posts on here talking about people's favorite mongering destinations but they are usually referring to the scene in general (as in how beautiful the girls are, or how big the scene is like Thailand for example). I was wondering if anyone could give their input on the countries with the least expensive prostitutes (without regard to the size of the sex industry of the country). I know their will be some variation in the price of the girls within the country, but I'm just talking about the 'average' price. And not for the unattractive streetwalkers (not that some streetwalkers aren't attractive), but just to let you know I'm referring to beautiful women (7s through 10s whether on the street or in bars, clubs, or ads) who are just offering a very good price because of their countries economy or whatnot. So yeah, countries with beautiful women...for the cheapest price.

    Actually, if a knowledgable, seasoned mongerer could make a brief simple table consisting of average price per country of the places they've been, that would be very helpful =) Or even if you've just been to a couple of countries if you could tell the average price per country of the one's you've been to that would be really helpful.

    I'm new to the forum btw, nice to meet everyone =)

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    I will try to get the ball rolling. Here is a documentary on prostitution in Bangladesh


    it says that at this one brothel it cost the US equivalent of 75 cents for sex (at 06:42). most of these girls i wouldn't want to have sex with but the girl at 06:23 looks pretty hot. I also watched a video on nicaragua a while back (i can't remember how i stumbled across it, i can't find it on the internet now), but there was a guy who ran a brothel out of his house (to avoid the 'public place' law), and i remember it said it was $2 for sex.

    I'm sure this is the very low end as far as cost, and let me rephrase the title: I'm not really looking for the cheapest prostitutes, but rather I would just like to know the average prices by country. Any country that you have knowledge of would be great (I'm looking for countries where it's possible to have sex with a beautiful woman for $50 or less). Also, if someone who is well traveled could make a table of the countries that they've been to and the average price of sex there, that would be awesome. Or like I said earlier, even if you haven't been to that many countries, the average price of sex (in US dollars) for ANY country you've been to would be great =)

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    In general the greater the poverty the cheaper the whores will be. I suggest you checkout the African section for a start.

    P.S. Welcome to the forum.

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    If you ready to have sex with skanks and drug addicts every country has the cheapest available pussy.

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    Greece will be cheap soon ! but you must like Hairy women

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    Quote Originally Posted by comfibold View Post
    In general the greater the poverty the cheaper the whores will be.
    Not true. It is just a question of supply and demand. Just compare really poor countries like Indonesia or Vietnam with Thailand. It is far far far cheaper in Thailand.

    India is really cheap - but only for locals, they will not accept a foreigner on the mongering spot.

    Cheapest countries for mongering for westerners:

    - Thailand
    - Philippines
    - Cambodia
    - Kenya

    The prices are comparable, but if you take Flight + Hotel + Food, Thailand is probably still the cheapest option. Don't even think about Latin America, it is horrible expensive compared with Asia.


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