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Thread: Aqaba : Massage

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    Aqaba : Massage (Extras)

    'Lord of the Rings (yes, really) Chinese Massage' located on Al Yarmouk Street (left hand side on the incline further up the road).

    Big blue sign for 'Chinese Massage'. Upper windows were curtained over and it had just that kind of seedy look about it to make me suspect it doubled as a brothel.

    Finally went in later in the day when locals in shops in the opposite side of the street were less.

    Going up the stairs I encountered a Jordanian guy coming down the stairs who at first looked a bit shocked to see someone else coming up the stairs, and then embarassed as he rushed out. Went upstairs (two levels of stairs I think) and saw a glass door with a few women sitting around inside. Mid 30s, most of them. All looked a bit unsure at first but then the glass entrance door was unlocked. Went in and asked if they did a massage. Awkward atmosphere for a short while, which to me was even more evidence that the place doubled as a brothel. Yes, JD12 was the answer. Seemed way too cheap to be for the full thing in Jordan, but I followed the woman to see where it could possibly lead. Was led a short distance to a dingy room with a tattered tall and narrow massage bench and asked to begin removing clothes.

    Not the greatest atmosphere as it didn't feel particularly private to me. Door opens and another women (the mamasan as such, who was Palestinian) comes in, to ask in a subtle way what kind of massage I was 'actually' looking for, obviously suspecting I was after something more than a massage. Cutting story short, yes it doubles as a brothel. Massage is simply a front and the woman giving the massage was a Kazhak woman, according to the mamasan. All the women there seem to be of Central Asian origin. Maybe all Kazhaks. None 'too' pretty, and quite heavy for my tastes but locals seem to like the more 'fleshy' women usually. Decided to go ahead but asked how much and the mamasan said US$100 for full. No way was I was going to pay that, considering the setting and the kind of women, and I knew she was just testing the waters with my wallet. US$20 quoted for a handjob. Eventually bargained full sex down to about $50 which was still way over what I would normally pay when overseas but it was unlikely that I'd be able to find sex anywhere else in Jordan. I'll add that later in Aqaba I met locals who said that people like Kuwaitis come over and pay up to JD500 (about US$700) for an hour with such women so it could have been a lot lot worse. Jordan isn't really a value destination for most things, and looking back US$50 wasn't too bad, even if it proved to be not the greatest mongering experienced when abroad.

    Got naked and lay down. Feverish enthusiastic french kissing from her, bit of a handjob and quite a good BBBJ technique (although I suspect she probably would not go all the way with a BJ). Attempted to give her oral but she clearly wasn't used to receiving this it seems, and was kind of folding her legs over to avoid it (quite a turn off, to be honest). Getting my condom out seemed to pleasantly surprise her, as if bareback may be the norm (which may worry you or not). Unfortunately it all went down hill when she seemed to be eager to get it all over and done with after a bit of missionary. I suspect she's used to highly wound frustrated locals walking in there and blowing their load in a minute or so then leaving. For me, I like to build up giving pleasure and receiving it and she clearly wasn't used to it. All of this began to turn me off psychologically to the point where I didn't even cum and was finding myself getting increasingly irritated by the setting to the point where the whole experience was not fun in the slightest.

    For this reason I only mention this place for anyone who may simply want to get laid while in Aqaba and aren't bothered by conditions.

    If you seek, and are used to, a quick 2 minute thing, then it may suit you. If not, probably best avoided.
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