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    any shemales in Hyderbad?

    Hello guys..........i just found this site today and u guys are doing great job...but can any one post about she-male or hijra hookers?that will be so helpful

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    about shemales in hyderabad, i once picked up one infront of care hospital, she looked 100% woman and i am not into ladyboys
    i told her i dont have a room so she took me to a punjagutta hotel where he charged me 300 rs for 2 hours and all the time she was wispering in my ears it looked strange and once we are in the room she insisted to turn off the light which is a complete no for me but i gave up
    she gave a good blow job and after that she asked me if i wanted to do her ass i said yes, she had good sizes boobs not big though but enough to fill ur hand and when i was doing her ass i wanted to finger her pussy and i put my hand there and yo she had a cock and instantly i withdrw my cock and she said she is a shemale not my cup of tea so i left her
    so its not difficult to find one in hyderabad
    banjara hills and sorrounding areas are best for that


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