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    Thumbs up Spain - Barcelona – Balmes 74 - Ana

    Spain - Barcelona – Balmes 74 - Ana
    Some time ago I was again in Barcelona and took a late afternoon stroll around sunny El Raval. There were plenty of young hookers around Placa de Salvador Segui on Calle de St Joseph Oriol, Carrer de Sadurni and Carrer d’Espobar. Very curvy Africans with big bottoms and slim Eastern Europeans. It was an erotic sight to see these sexy girls standing around smiling at me being available for making love. I asked three Rumanian beauties about their rates and was quoted 40 euros + 10 euros for the room for 30 minutes with fellatio and coitus. Two girls lowered their rate to 35 euros and one girl to 30 euros after I said it was too much for me.

    Considering that I was more into a longer session I headed for the Asian House at Balmes 74, website:
    http://www.orientalesbarcelona.com/601.html The mamasan showed me into a room and five Chinese girls introduced themselves one by one with a French kiss. I responded to the kisses, embracing them and stroking their necks, backs, buttocks and breasts. Ana responded passionately by embracing me and eroticly stroking my buttock and penis.

    So I took Ana for an hour at 70 euros. We went into a large room with a small shower and undressed, Ana has a fine body as you see on the picture on the website. I kissed her and caressed her buttocks and breasts while standing, then she asked me to shower. I asked her to wash me which she did thoroughly giving great attention to my anus and penis. On my request she gave my penis a soapy massage which crerated a good erection. I switched of the shower and made her continue with fellatio until I ejaculated in her mouth still standing in the shower.., what a lovely start .!

    She dried me and we laid on the bed where I went kissing and caressing all over her nice body ending between her soft thighs with cunnilingus. She started moaning and I then gave her the full finger pussy massage while sucking on her nipples until she climaxed. She rested a couple of minutes, then started kissing and massaging my body with her breasts ending with fellatio until my penis stood tall again. She slipped on a condom and started riding me while turning her hips which was new and nice to me. I turned her around and we went into a long slow coitus in missionary style culminating into a beautifull deep orgasm.

    The remaining ten minutes we laid kissing and cuddling, I just could not get enough of her soft breasts and nipples. Ana gave me a heavenly hour trying to please me all the time and was very friendly to me. I left Asian House as a happy man and will try to see her again.

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