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    Jan 2009

    Housewife action in Kolkata

    Hello Amigos..

    Hope you are all having a good time in the new year.

    I am fellow Kolkata boy now based in London. New to the scene and have been recently posting my punts at Punternet.com

    I am coming to Kolkata soon and was looking for some local action. Its sad to see that a city like Kolkata with one of the largest and most populated red light district (Sonagachi) in SE Asia , will have such a few posts.

    I looked at the Mumbai threads, those guys are raising the roof there folks. Come on I know all you punters have been busy SHARE please.

    I punted few times in Kolkata in my greener days but they were nearly 10 y ago, so no point really. Come on fresh blood of Kolkata, show them what you got.

    In Mumbai they have a great thread regarding the “Housewife” action, with the sprit of that lets start a new thread, about the famous Kolkata “Boudi s” .. Last time I checked, there was plenty of horny little sluts there.. and you lot must be getting some action !

    Best of luck and lets get this thread going.

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    Jan 2009
    New Delhi (India)

    hello "badboylondon"

    Nice to see ur post "badboylondon"
    I m also from near kolkata and now based in Ukraine..
    I m also coming to my home soon..
    Hoping to break the ice there with full enjoyment..

    i think we must be in contanct..

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    Nov 2004
    Please do not stop at just a "I am coming to Calcutta"..."Have plans"...Share with us your experiences. Positive or Negative. I am sure enterprising young hotblooded Bongs like you would have scored in this city!


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