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    Full Service for R$ 10:Casas de Massagem,Cheap Brothel Apartments

    Cheap sex in Rio (where the bus drivers and students get their rocks off)

    A while ago, I visited Termas Monte Carlo. There were about 40 girls. One was 19, a few were 21. The rest was older. The next day I visited my favorite R$ 30 massage parlor, on Serzedelo Correia 15 apt. 1104. There were 5 girls, 4 of them 18 to 19 years old, 2 of them with only 2 weeks of work experience.

    People who like fresh, unhardened girls might be happier at the cheap places then at maior termas.

    One reason is: small massage parlors constantly advertise in the classifieds for new talent. So do internet agencies. I have never found termas advertising for girls. Usually girls start their careers at small massage parlors or internet agencies. Once they arrive at a termas they stay there till they retire.

    a) cheap downtown brothels (recommended)
    cool.gif cheap Copacabana brothels (very recommended)
    c) Vila Mimosa (not really recommended)

    1. Cheap sex in Rio (where the bus drivers and students get their rocks off)
    1. Cheap downtown brothels
    1. How to use cheap massage parlors
    2. How to get to downtown
    2. Where to go
    3. Cheap Copacabana Brothels
    4. Intermediate price range termas (R$ 60-120)
    5. How to do your own reasearch?
    1. O Globo Newspaper classifieds
    1. Some ads with translation help

    Cheap downtown brothels
    (R$ 10-20 massage parlor updated report)

    Vila Mimosa is worth seeing, but not worth taking girls. (whoever has better information, send me a private message and let's take a trip to VM and you show me around. In a separate post I write about Vila Mimosa)

    You get much better deals at downtown short time massage parlors. Especially they are much cleaner!! Some are very nice, considering the price. Be forewarned that they are not as clean as Centaurus, and most of the girls are dogs. Even worse then Help! But a few amazing girls can be found. One US tourist I took there said he found the best girl he has seen on his trip for R$ 30. I will list a few of the parlors, plus I will post a list compiled by "Fobu in Rio". Fobu sells CD's with Pimsleur and other Portuguese courses.

    I know another massage parlor in Copacabana where you get girls for R$ 30 (the three parlors from the Diabolicks family) At closing time the girls all go to Help and charge R$ 200.

    I recommend Vila Mimosa only for satisfying curiosity. It is not worth getting girls there, because you find them cleaner and cheaper in downtown brothels.

    How to use cheap massage parlors
    These places are not for everyone. If you don't like them, just don't go, no need for flames. If you come to Rio on a 5 day trip, you may skip the cheap places. Stick to termas, www.karlamodels.com.br, Frank's Bar, hooker beach in front of Othon palace in the afternoon, and Help.

    But if you are an adventure traveller, if you got tired of the same old termas, or if you want to fuck 8 girls a day for R$ 100 to 200, then go ahead and give these places a try. You will understand why I consider Help girls spoiled and overpriced. Lots of the girls from cheap termas are just as good as Help girls. Some of them actually work Help at night, charging 5 times the rate they charge during the day.

    One of the reasons why there are so many girls working for cheap money is, that these places work during regular office hours. It is much easier to explain to mom that you work from 9 am to 7 pm, then that you work from 5 pm to 2 am at an expensive termas. So, be aware that these places open early (9 or 10 am, by 11 they should be in full swing. At 12 noon they fill up with customers on lunch break). Do not go on Sudays, Hollidays, etc. Saturday openings vary, frequently only Saturday morning. Best is weekdays.

    SAFETY WARNING: use your own judgment. Downtown Rio is mostly safe during daytime hours (but still be careful). Some places like Travessa do Ouvidor are straight in the banking district, so during daytime they are quite safe. Rua Uruguaiana and Buenos Aires are pretty much ok too. After dark or after work hours it is not recommended to roam there. If you leave too late, jump right into a taxi. Don't go past Rua da Carioca 49. It is near Praça Tiradentes which is getting in to slightly questionable neighborhoods. Make sure you avoid "Central do Brasil", the railwaystation area. You have no reason to go there, just don't get lost there either. Inside the brothels I feel very safe. The hallways are reasonably safe. I don't think people steal in the brothels, but to be sure, take your wallet with you to the shower.

    High class termas 4x4 and 65 are near Travessa do Ouvidor. You can do a 2 hour cheap termas run before going to these termas. I doubt, if you still have the strength for the termas, though.

    Always prepare an excuse if you make a mistake. You ring at a door and find out the place is not a brothel. You say you are looking for a travel agency or whatever!!

    Bring your own 2 towels, one to dry off, one beach towel to put underneath. I find most towels at the cheap brothels suspicious (maybe just dried and reused, or nor washed too well.). So to be on the safe side, I prefer to bring my own. Sheets certainly are not changed every time a new customer comes.

    Note that most girls give only covered blow jobs!! Bring some extra thin condoms for that purpose! Crown skinless are my favorites. You can probably bribe them into doing bj without condom for a few more R$$. If you have a wife, be warned that the danger of getting crabs, scabies etc is greater then at the more classy places. Though I don't see it as a maior danger. You can take a treatment with Kwell or similar medicines against scabies and pubic lice, the night you go home, just to be on the safe side.

    It is very normal to check out a massage parlor and then to leave "vou dar mais uma voltinha" ou "volto mais tarde". Nobody gets offended. Many places are not geared to guys sitting around for half an hour, others actually have sort of a bar and serve beer and coke. Once you are established as a customer, most places will let you sit around. Some even send a girl downstairs to buy you the drink or food you request. There are not many formalities at these places!!

    Often there is one really fresh cute girl in a massage parlor, between lots of dogs and average looking girls. That superstar girl is basically always in the back room working. So you might want to ask if there are more girls and sit for 10 minutes (thank god the programas don't last long) to see who else is working in the place. Expect lots of average or ugly looking girls, you need to search to find the diamonds. Usually, some places simply have bad taste and usually have ugly girls. And some places consistently have some good lookers.

    If you find some real gem, please drop me an email. I like 18-19 year old fresh innocent girls with hard boobs, no baby. I would love to get updates from you guys. Email me at 1234567 at innocent dot com

    If you catch me in the right mood, I may show you to some of these places. I know another American who likes to take guys there too (He is Fobu in Rio: I will post his termas list with his email.) Bringing a local with you is definitely useful. You can even meet guys in these places, if you offer them a freebie, they might take you around to other places. Or offer a freebie to your taxi driver or hotel cleaning boy! But going alone is not difficult.

    10 or 15 minutes sex sounds too short for you?? Let me explain: Before your time starts, you talk, negotiate, pay (in advance), take off you clothes, take a shower (very recommended, especially if you want to convince the girl to give an uncovered blowjob). Once you are ready, the cubicle's door gets closed, and the time starts. The time refers only to the actual sexual activities. Afterwards, you take a shower, change dress, chat, all outside the time.

    If you stay for 30 or 60 minute sessions, you don't get the most bank for your buck. Cheapskates take one girl for a 15 minute session (ok, 10 minutes really are a little short). Then they sit and relax for 15 minutes, and pick the next girl for the next session. If necessary, move on to the next address. You are getting older and can't do 4 shots in a row? who said you have to come with every girl you go out with? Imagine you get a cheap lap dance. If you just grope the girl for 10 minutes, or fool around a little, you are getting your money's worth!! You have the stamina to grope lots of girls, don't you!?

    Some of the advertisements are a little exaggerated or misleading. To get the lowest rates, it is often recommended to bring the newspaper ad, to prove that they advertise R$ 10 or R$ 15. If you can afford to pay R$ 20 to get a longer time, then you don't need to bring the newspaper. Offers like R$ 50 for 2 girls including anal, "no time limit, until you come 2 times" (Stella's cobertura, Stella's at Santa Luzia, Hollywood) are not to be taken literally. When I do the R$ 30 unlimited time offer, they start disturbing at about 20 minutes. But, at these prices, this can be forgiven.

    Cleaner alternatives for cheapskates (budget travellers)
    You need portuguese knowlede for this!!
    Go to incall at newscort.com. You need an appointment

    Be very discrete, they are in a respectable building. Bring a friend. Get 2 girls for 1 hour for R$ 80 per girl. So each of you pays 80, but can do both girls. Take a 20 minute break. Repeat. Total of 4 girls, each guy paid R$ 40 per girl. You can do the same with outcall, R$ 120 for 2 hours.

    Or call http://www.cassiascort.com.br. Get 4 girls, together with 4 friends. Each one pays R$ 100 plus shared taxi. Then for 2 hours you can do all girls.

    Or call http://www.karlamodels.com.br (note that below the line the girls belong to another agency, scortshow.com.br). Get 4 girls for R$ 100 each. Pay R$ 50 switching fee per girl, or negotiate R$ 30. Total per girl R$ 130. Then start your orgy, everyone can do every girl. 2 hours. Note that the 2 hours are very strict, from the moment they enter your apartment to the moment they leave. Also be aware of trouble if you try to do this in hotels, usually they don't allow more then one girl and charge you visiting fees.

    How to get to downtown
    Some foreigners think Copacabana is downtown. This is not so. Downtown is 6 miles from Copacabana, the office, banking and court house district.

    You can go by Taxi. Tell them to drop you off at the metro stations listed below, or give them more precise addresses. Price should be about R$ 15-25 from Copacabana to downtown one way.

    Or use public transport. take the metro to Carioca station, from there you can walk. Cinelandia and Uruguaiana stations will do too. If you are REALLY cheap, get the Metro bus at the corner of N S Copacabana and Miguel Lemos, pay a R$ 2 ticket that gets you to the Metro and is still valid for the Metro ride. On the way back, do not buy the regular ticket, but the "Metro Ipanema" ticket. It is the same price, but it is also valid on the Metro Ipanama Express bus. (do NOT take the Gavea bus, it does not stop before Ipanema!)

    You can also take a bus on Av NS Copacabana or on Av Atlantica straight to downtown and back, but metro is nicer, safer, more modern. It is very common for entire buses to be held up, so don't be in the wrong bus line at the wrong time.

    You can even go on the bike path from Copacabana to downtown. Careful, do not even dream of driving through Parque do Flamengo after nightfall!!

    Where to go
    To make it simple, just go during office hours daytime to "Travessa do Ouvidor # 37". It changed, it now has a termas-like place at the bottom (second floor) and rooms further upstairs. They start at R$ 20 and have their prices posted. For a little more money you can get decent rooms for longer periods.

    cheap stuff starting at R$ 10 you get here>
    Rua Ouvidor, 130/Apts: 304, 404, 616, 707, 911 ((NOTE: about 2 of these have closed already. Please help me update! The ones that have closed are clearly marked or keep the door open so you can see it obviously is not a whore house.)) This is a regular commercial building, not a general whore house like Travessa do Ouvidor 37 and Rua da Carioca 19

    (10, 00)! Grátis uma cerveja. Passe maravilhosos momentos com lindas gatas!!! Realizando fantasias! Ouvidor, 130/ 911. Leve duas pague uma.

    a bit sleazy also is this building which is 80% brothels
    Rua da Carioca, 59/Apts: 301, 401, 402, 501 (again, the apartment numbers might have changed. Use your discretion. If there is a big sign “Massagem” then you are probably right. The top floor apartment is the highest quality and most "expensive" (starting at R$ 20 or even 30)

    ****R$ 300 girl for R$ 30 Best deal in town!! might not last for long!!
    This girl has real D or DD cups, is 19 years, has no baby, says she goes to College.
    You can have her vor R$ 20. If you pay R$ 30 you can get the room with the nice round bed
    here is all the info

    New info I found in February 2004 (Best deal in town!!!!! Don’t miss!):

    Rua Uruguaiana 24. Not far from Carioca metro station.
    Go upstairs, past the Xerox copy shop. 3 floors of termas-like brothels. Music blares, you can buy a drink, they have a bit of an aircon and good fans to make the “rooms” quite tolerable. First floor starts at R$ 12 for 12 minutes, second floor R$ 10 for 10 minutes (I found a totally cute 18 year old there). For those who cannot afford R$ 10, the 3rd floor offers a R$ 9.99 promo!! Sorry, as of May, the promo is over. You will have to fork over R$ 10 or R$ 12!

    Rua Buenos Aires 85 and 113. Near Uruguaiana metro station.
    Here they don't even try to sell you more expensive programas, the girls already say "Only R$ 10". Did not find anything great here, but take a look yourself. # 85 is worth a visit, if only to see the amazing spiral staircase.

    Unconfirmed address: 7 de Setembro 205 first and second floor.

    Did not try:
    Mais Belas gatas!!! Cervejas. Mês promocional. Segunda/ sábado. Aceitamos cartões. 10:00h/ 22:00h. Marrecas, 50 (sobrado). Cinelândia. Precisa-se moças!

    The following has a few problems. Door man asks for ID. Did not find anyting worth while here, but half the girls had their day off.
    Promoção Carnaval. Privê 15/ 20. Venha conhecer!!! Mais belas gatas (Centro). Evaristo Veiga, 41/ 701. 2210-1743 Precisa-se moças!
    Also apt 902!

    Cheap Copacabana Brothels
    There are no R$ 10 places in Copacabana. A few for R$ 20, I did not find any of them worth while.

    The top 3 places belong all to the same family. The girls move between these three places, if one of them needs more girls.

    The original cheap place was Diabolicks (who also advertises under a dozen of different names)
    Av N S Copacabana 583 apt. 203. It is at the end of the corridor to the right. 15 feet earlier, to the left, at apt. 204 is Termas Copacabana. R$ 70 minimum for half hour, I believe. Take a look as you are passing anyway, but I rarely find reasons for staying. It is a real termas with Sauna and nice main room, so some of you might like it.

    Diabolicks charges a minimum R$ 30 for 15 minutes. I loved the place a few years ago, but I am not too excited about it recently.

    My favorites are run by the sons of the Diabolicks owner. Please come discreetly and don't call attention, these places try to stay low key!!

    Praca Serzedelo Correia, 15, room 1104; starting price R$ 30 for 20 minutes
    (While you are there, check Copamodels for R$ 80 one hour, at Siqueira Campos 22, entrance at Serzedelo Correia, grey awning. I never liked the girls, but it does not hurt to try)

    Hilário de Gouveia 66 apt 1103 starting price R$ 30 for 20 minutes

    All within a block from Termas Monte Carlo, and 2 blocks from Diabolicks.

    Intermediate price range termas (R$ 60-120)
    Sorry, I did not try any of them recently. There is Termas Beach girls (ex Pedagio) at corner of Barata Ribeiro and Siqueira Campos. Maybe someone can give a list with addresses so I can post them here.

    There is a set of massage parlors that actually pretend to offer massage and have a minimum of half an hour or more. As Divas in Copacabana, and a few downtown, mainly in some central business building.

    Some of the cheap places I list offer nicer rooms and of course, longer time, for those who pay more money. Main idea is R$ 1 or R$ 2 per minute. So it quickly gets more expensive. For example, 10 minutes cost R$ 10, 1 hour costs R$ 50 or 60.

    How to do your own reasearch?
    Often there are new places, others close down, pricing changes, etc. So you might want to get updated information. I will explain you the how-to>
    You find the ads in O Dia classifieds, which can be found with some patience at www.odia.com.br (hint: find classifieds or Taqui, then Casa, then termas. Pick a busy weekday like Thursday or Friday.)


    click on "sou maior de 18 anos"

    Or get the O Dia newspaper and find the ads in the classifieds. The best deals you usually get only when you bring the newspaper to prove the advertised rate.

    If you want to do something on Sunday, buy the Sunday paper or read the internet Sunday ads. You can also try "Extra" for real cheap stuff, "O Globo", for medium to high priced escorts (also can be found on the internet), and Jornal do Brasil.

    O Globo Newspaper classifieds
    go to http:// www.oglobo.com.br

    now if you go to "Casa e Voce",
    "Voce produtos e servicos"

    "Servicos de Acompanhantes"

    Some ads with translation help
    Quase mulher. . . gostosona, morenaça, tentação dos homens. Exageradamente. . . feminina, viril, sarada, sexy, (115cm bumbum). Prazer incomparável! 2284-6109 Maracanã
    * the transvestite ads usually are in the beginning.
    * The ads are in alphabetical order, this is why they like words like "abafa".
    * "Quase mulher" almost a woman.
    * "Exageradamente. . . feminina, viril," exagerated (probably his dick size), feminine, and masculine

    Abafa CASTELLUïS
    2524-6215. Gatinhas!!! Faça 2 pague 1! Drink grátis. Segunda/ Sábado (10:00h/ 22:00h). Marrecas, 50. (escada) Precisa-se garotas.

    * real girls. Do 2 and pay one (usually only if you do a higher priced session). Rua das Marrecas 50. Need girls (very good, so there may be fresh meat)

    Abafa DEZEJUS
    2255-5422. Copacabana. Gatas, faça 2, pague 1. Segunda/ Sábado. 12:00h/ 00:00h. Drink grátis. Tonelero, 173/ sobrado. Precisa-se garotas.
    ** real girls. Massage parlor near Metro Siqueira Campos. Was not too excited about the girls.

    Quase mulher! Belíssima gostosa!! Loira sexy, seios fartos, bronzeadíssima, feminina! Liberalíssima discreta. Confira detalhe!! 2203-2100/ 9657-0413. Privê/ Centro.
    * " Confira detalhe!!" check out the detail! (meaning the dick)

    Quase mulher morena, quentíssima, bonito rosto/ corpo, encantadora, 23 motivos para abalar, adorando beijar, venha conferir!! Centro. 2232-7250.
    * almost a woman, "23 motivos" 23 reasons means a 23 cm dick (probably an exageration)

    Loiraça, Quase Mulher, 18 Aninhos, seios fartos, Corpinho Escultural, 27 motivos, realizando lado Feminino (SOBE DIRETO). Botafogo 2237-7899.
    * almost a woman, 27 cm cock??. There seems to be an inflation, it used to be 17-21 motivos, "realizando lado Feminino" for you to live your feminine side, probably to get dominated or fucked up the ass

    Quase mulher, loiraça, corpo escultural, 23a, 1, 76 altura, experiência casais. Atendo 10:00/ 23:00h Privê Centro. www. sensualidade. com/ lavinia 2242-2333/ 8115-5948.
    * check the url to see the transvestite www.sensualidade.com/lavinia

    (35, 00!!!) Promoção!!! Gatas esperando você! (Muito afim. . . ) Ambiente Tranq?ilo!! Segunda/ Sexta (9:00h/ 20:0h)- Centro (Avenida 13Maio, 47/ 2408). Precisa-se moças!

    * 35 promo rate. Strange, looks too expensive this place goes for R$ 10!. Several parlors in this building. Start on the top, and keep going downstairs.

    Loiras Morenas Mulatas!!! (promoção) 10 só 10, local discreto. Evaristo da Veiga, 47, sala 501. (subir direto).

    Abalando deliciosamente!!!
    Gatas lindas satisfazendo desejos!!! Carinhosas, quentes, liberais! 1hs R$40, 00, 2hs R$60, 00, 3hs R$80, 00. Hoteis/ residência/ privê 2275-1975/ 9934-1604 Copacabana. Confira!!!

    (10, 00)! Grátis uma cerveja. Passe maravilhosos momentos com lindas gatas!!! Realizando fantasias! Ouvidor, 130/ 911. Leve duas pague uma.
    * R$ 10 with a free beer. Cheapest deal in town, and I already found some good girls there. Well, the beer is a small plastic cup, and only if you spend your hard earned R$ 10 on a girl

    Centro. Promoção R$10, 00 só R$10, 00!!! Entrada grátis. Loiras, Morenas, Mulatas deliciosas (strip). Skol R$2, 00. Buenos Aires, 113, sobrado.
    * really only 10. check it out. Not my favorite

    Maravilhosas gatinhas arrasadoras! Totalmente liberais! Show de mulheres! Faça dois/ pague um, entrada grátis, aceitamos cartões. Av. Copacabana, 583/ 204.
    * famous Diabolicks under another name. Don't miss, but go to their two sister agencies 2 blocks away

    Moças bonitas, discretas, maiores 19 anos. Ganhos acima de 1. 800, 00. Que possam dormir. Entrevista com Carla 2548-0162. Copacabana.
    acompanhantes V/TEXTO
    * job ad for escorts

    massagistas, belprazer, venha trabalhar na melhor!! Excelente ambiente, super discreto, alto nível, sigilo absoluto. Excelente oportunidade. www. belprazer. com 2517-0879/ 2517-0816 admite-se moças!!!
    * another job opportunity

    Maiores para atendimento executivos/ 500, 00 semanais. Moradia, alimentação grátis. Clientes cadastrados. Ligar cobrar. Somente interessadas. (9090)- 3889-8418. Camila
    * job offer

    Adorável Elaine
    (R$25, 00)! Maravilhosa Quase mulher, rosto belo, corpo sedutor, motivos irresistíveis! Impressionantes!!! Grande explosão prazer, carinhosa/ paciente. (www. riorelax. com. br/ taissa) 3183-1088
    * another url to see transvestite photos

    adriana Massoterapia
    Shiatsu, Anti-stress, Reflexologia, massagens prostáticas, especialmete senhores. Super qualificada, atenciosa, experiente. Reg. 2197. Consultório/ Domicílio Zona Sul. 3477-8892/ 9771-3999
    * look like legit massage

    adriana/ amanda
    As mais gatas liberalíssimas fazendo tudinho até Finalzinho. . . . Promoção Inauguração (10, 00). Realizando fantasias!!! 24h. Privé. 2541-8482. Precisa-se moças.
    * do everything to the very end (probably come in mouth)

    Moreno safado, nunca anunciado, dote exagerado, 23cm, pura tentação, supreendentemente gostosão, confira sem decepção. Privê luxuoso. Centro. 2517-3536
    * for those who don't like Transvestites, a real man with big dick

    (Valqueire). 20¦, coxas grossas, quadrilzão enlouquecedor, rostinho encantador!!! Millena morena clarinha! Executivos/ casais exigentes. 24H. Admite-se moças! 3355-2803/ 9223-0855
    * suburban excorts, too far away

    As Mais Belas Gatas do Centro. Para todos os gostos. Promoção R$12, 00. Avenida 13 Maio 47/ 708 Centro. 09:00h/ 20:00h.
    * another one from this building. You can use your search function when you have the internet ads. Search for text "Maio"

    Deliciosa Mignon, apaixonante, seios bicudinhos, (Quadril delicioso), lábios quentíssimos, relaxamento, acessórios. Delire minha companhia!! Centro. Hotéis/ Escritórios. T. 2240-2565.
    * Japanese (probably 1/8th or so). Centro in Hotels and offices only

    Alcantara T. 2701-2274
    24h. Tânia sedutora, esbanjando beleza, com sensualidade, liberal/ educada, sem frescuras. Atendendo damas, cavalheiros/ casais. 8179-9491. Admitimos moças.
    * Niteroi, too far

    alessa 2548-2263
    Quase mulher morenaça, beijoqueira, carinhosa insaciável, um verdadeiro foguete topando tudo sem frescuras. Comprove www. chantily. com. br/ bonecasfree/ riodejaneiro/ alessadiverano. htm. Privê discretíssimo. (Copacabana).
    * another url for transvestite

    38 anos: Marquinha biquini: "Loba lábios mel", Habilidosa. . . Garganta profunda. Privê (20, 00/ 30, 00) 2215-9497/ 9193-9805. (Hotéis/ escritórios). Centro
    * 38 year old deep throat with honey lips. "Prive" means incall

    Loirinha, extremamente carinhosa, sensual, corpinho provocante, cinturinha fina, empinadinha. Quadril enloquecedor (105cm). Comprove!!! Privé (30, 00/ 60, 00/ 100, 00). Tel:2214-0015. alexandra/ andréia!!!
    * expensive! :-)

    Loirinhas, filezinho sem decepção. Realizando todas fantasias. 10:00/ 22:00hs (3hs R$90, 00). Condução gratis. Precisa-se de moças. 2587-2900.
    * 3 hours for R$ 90, free taxi. Worth a try, but who knows how they are. Filezinho means fine meat, really nice fresh young stuff

    Aline 2532-0267
    Massagista habilidosa, sapeca, oferecendo massagens eróticas, realizando fantasias até mais loucas. Delire!!! Entregue-se!!! Atendimento Aparelho. Segunda/ Sexta 10:00/ 19:00.
    * qualified massage, but also for your craziest fantasies

    Lindíssima loiraça, namoradinha apaixonante, seios empinadinhos, totalmente gostosíssima!! Deliciosamente fogosa. Realizando fantasias. Apartamento discretíssimo. 3181-6359 (R$30, 00) (Sozinha, confira!!!) ALTO NÍVEL!!
    * high class! don't take that too serious

    Com lindas gatas puro prazer, grandes promoções. Rua da Carioca, 59 sala 301/ 302 segunda/ sexta. Precisa-se moças.
    * one of the famous brothel buildings downtown.
    * Must try, especially the cobertura of the same building, http://www.destack.com.br/cobertura.htm
    * with famous gorgeous D cup 20 year old Hellen (as of June 2004)

    Pantera. Bombom, carinhosa, boca vulcão, quadril empinado, fera entre quatro paredes. . . Privê. Largo Machado. 2265-1731 (Confira Hoje 10, 00).
    * near scortshow agency. special rate for R$ 10 only today. Probably more girls working there

    Jovem massagista, incontestavelmente deslumbrante, carinhosa, oferecendo técnicas estimulantes, inovadora proporcionando momentos inesquecíveis! Satisfaça-se completamente! 2532-0267. Segunda/ sabado. www. amantesecia. com. br/ amanda
    * an url for a young massage girl, with all kind of stimulating massage techniques to satisfy you totally

    amanda gatinha
    Linda loira olhos verdes, manequim 38, 19 anos. Viviane gatinha. Alessandra morena bronzeada. 3h= 100, 00. Condução grátis. 24h. 3882-8647.
    * several young girls for 3 hours R$ 100, free taxi. I never dared to try

    Ruiva!! Sapeca, linguinha nervosa!! Danielly morena, atrevida, rebolando gostoso, insaciavelmente!! 1H= R$30, 00 (Hotéis) Baixada, Toda Dutra!!! T. 2658-1933/ 2658-1679.
    * way too far

    amanda/ paola
    Rafaela. Estilo USA, namoradinhas perfeitas, quentes, lindas, atraentes, totalmente sem frescuras!!! Recreio/ Barra/ Jacarepaguá. Sai solidão! 3411-4051/ 3411-3715
    * style USA = big hooters, perfect girlfriends, "totalmente sem frescuras" will do everything.
    * only good for Barra da Tijuca

    Linda morena!!! Totalmente ousada, dominadora, rosto encantador, realmente envolvente, oferecendo simplesmente "melhor" massagem anti-stress. Apaixone-se!!! www. amantesecia. com. br/ anaclaudia. 3681-8005. Centro.
    * can dominate you

    Seios fartos, exuberante, massagem relaxante, excitante, paciente, experimente, complemento total. . . aparelhos/ inversões. Privê (20, 00/ 30, 00). Hotéis/ escritórios. (Cinelândia) 2220-4255.
    * coroa = old. Like most of us. at least 35.

    Grande inauguração. Lindas gatas sem limites ao prazer. Rua da Carioca, 59/ 401 e 402. Indecepcionáveis!!! Precisa-se Moças.
    * another apartment in that brothel building.
    atlântica boys!!!
    "Promoção Clientes ODia" Alex( Moreno)! Felipe Gatíssimo, Fernando Corpaço! Mais! (www. sensualidade. com/ marcioboys). (marciodias28@hotmail. com). Privê/ Hotéis. 24hs. Ac. Cheques. Promoção/ Madrugada. 2543-6947/ 3185-7855. (Contrata-se)
    * some more boys for those with different taste

    aylane mignonzinha!!!
    18a, branquinha, loirinha, manequim36, seios firmes, saborosa. "Verdadeira, pequena sereia"!!! Hotéis/ residências. 3h R$90, 00. Condução grátis. 3908-5585. 24h
    * 18 year old. I wish we could get a photo

    baby ruivinha!!!
    22a, branquinha, manequim38, seios lindos, sem frescura, tipo sueca, sedutora, habilidosa. Hotéis/ residências. 3h= 90, 00. Condução grátis. 3908-5585. 24h

    bárbara mulherão
    Deliciosa novidade! Morenaça gatíssima, 18 aninhos, 1, 80mts, seios turbinados, 120cm quadrilzão fartíssimo! (legítima tanajura!) Gostosona, liberalíssima, inesquecível!!! 2530-2630
    * huge 18 year old, 6 foot tall

    Fogosa! 18¦, lindíssima!!! Seios furando blusa. Barriguinha sarada, corpinho desenhado, lábios aveludados. Adorando beijar!!! Maravilhosa!!! R$20, 00 Copacabana. 3908-3290.
    * one of the R$ 20 places in Copa. 18 year old, usually an exaggeration.But you can try.
    * You need to call first, they tell you the aprox address, then you call from there again to get the exact address

    Massagem. Desfrute momentos intenso prazer. Com mais gostosa do Rio (Sem decepções) Complementos incluidos R$50, 00. 2524-6912. Rio Branco/ 181.
    * massage with complements.

    bela karen
    Morenaça, 19 anos, seios fartos, 1, 70m, coxas grossas, mulherão irresistível, para ser sua namorada. Privê/ Largo Machado. 3826-0754. 24hs.
    * plenty of ads at Largo do Machado. You could do a search on "machado" and then check them all out. If all fails, go to www.scortshow.com.br nearby to see the "book" and pick a girl (on the street only, cannot go inside the agency)

    Promoção R$50 maravilhosas massagistas 18/ 26a pra você relaxar. As mais gostosas, do Rio! Sem decpções! 10:30/ 20:00hs confira 2517-0816/ 2517-0879 www. belprazer. com
    * another massage place downtown. almost real massage, a little nicer, cleaner, more expensive then the R$ 10 places

    Loiraça, 19 anos, seios rosados, bronzeada, explosão beleza, lábios quentes!!! (Beijando tudinho), Privê Centro. 2292-5382 (hoje R$10, 00!).
    * 19 year old for R$ 10 in incall downtown

    Loirinha super encantadora! Gabriela lindíssima!! Bruninha exclusividade/ Maravilhosamente sensuais! Hotéis/ Privê discretíssimo, Cerveja grátis!!! Tel:3274-8331. (R$30, 00) (www. sexymodels. kit. net/ biancaloirinha/ gabrielamoreninha/ bruninhamorena. htm) (www. amantesecia. com. br/ bianca/ gabriela/ bruninha. )
    * Cascadura is way too far

    Bruna. Loirinhas, 19¦, gostosinhas, sensuais, namoradinhas. . . Sem frescuras! (3H= R$80, 00) Privê R$30, 00. Condução grátis! (Aparelhos). 24H. Av. Nossa Senhora Penha, 308/ B. 2290-5640/ 9667-7241.
    * Penha, way too far

    Adriane/ Brenda/ Aline. Extremamente quentes, insaciáveis, sedutoras!!! Beijos ardentes, confira!! Casais/ Cavalheiros. www. girlsinrio. com. br/ bigfield. Hotéis/ Residências. Precisa-se moças. 2416-4287.
    * insaciable hot girls

    NOVIDADE!! Camila/ Danielle/ Sarah/ Marcela. Fogosas insaciáveis. Totalmente liberais. Adoramos casais. Rebolando gostoso. Indiscutivelmente as melhores!!! Tel:2415-6827. Confira!!!

    3066-2141. Explosão de sensualidade!!Morenaça, 18a. Aline, morena clara, estilo mulherão, fazendo o que você +gosta (R$40, 00= 1H/ R$80, 00= 3H) Condução Grátis.
    * Nice price, 1 hour outcall, free taxi. But only in Nova Iguaçu

    CLUB 29
    R$12, 00. Sauna masculina noturna (estudante maiores R$14, 00) (diurna R$20, 00). Mais frequentada. Simpatizantes, iniciantes, curiosos. Metrô Botafogo. 2537-6822. www. saunaclub29. hpgvip. com. br
    * male sauna

    Prêmio: Carro zero km. Clubs 12 Nova Boite (Barra), realiza sensacional concurso strip-tease. Gatas 18/ 29inscrevam-se já! 7817-9771/ 2492-5735 clubs12@bol. com. br
    * strip contest

    Mulherão, 39, corpão violão, quadrilzão! Sem limite. Dominação/ aparelhos (massagem). Privê/ hotéis/ escritórios. (20, 00/ 40, 00) 2215-9497/ 9881-9654 Cinelândia.
    * old lady, 39 years

    Morenaça, 28¦, carinhosa, especialista pedolatria. . . Transformação pra vocês homens que tem curiosidade de ser mulher. Aparelhos. 2507-6848/ 9833-2248. Privê/ Centro.
    * dominant, for men that are curious about being a woman. Toys

    (Loirinha Novidade) 2663-6093/ 3771-3184. Jaqueline/ Fernanda/ Luana morenaças, gulosas, cachorronas!! (3H= 80, 00) Toda Dutra! (24Hs). Admite-se loiras! 9793-2094
    * too far. Really horny girls

    Quase mulher, 18¦, estilo namoradinha, extremamente feminina rosto/ corpo, com grandes motivos para você. Privê. Largo Machado. 2556-0147/ 8756-3217.
    * 18 years, great. But almost women with maior motives. Beware

    Stellas Cobertura
    Relax R$20, 00!!! leve duas gatas completíssimas pague uma sem tempo determinado. Rua da Carioca 59. Cobertura01, 2524-4506. www. destack. com. br/ cobertura. htm
    * famous cobertura in the brother house!!

    Stellas Relax!!!
    Dois relax completíssimos sem tempo determinado pagando um!!! Santa Luzia 405, 4§ andar apartamento 29, 2510-3297/ 2510-4280 www. destack. com. br/ stellas. htm
    * also worth a visit
    * a little bit far from the other places, about 8 blocks. If you come by bus from Copa, the bus can drop you off right there, at Av Presidente Carlos and Santa Luzia

    3331-2171. 2¦/ 6¦feira. Lindas mulheres! Rua Coronel Tamarindo 2. 520 Bangú Viaduto. 10:00H (manhã) Às 2:00h(madrugada). "Entrada R$5, 00!". Com cerveja grátis.
    ** for the adventurous. Suburban termas. Try to read up on forum.hotside.com.br before choosing an adventure like this. R$ 5 admission. Free beer. Never tried this kind of termas.

    Relax partir R$15, 00. Delicie-se com as gatas de Madureira! Estr. Portela, 11. Admite-se moças! Altos ganhos semanais. 2452-4622/ 9822-6657
    * onother termas. Probably a bar with back rooms.

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    Some good information here but VERY OLD!!!!!!! most likely most of it is outdated.

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    Dec 2003

    really fresh information. Nothing old!!

    Originally posted by Ranen1
    Some good information here but VERY OLD!!!!!!! most likely most of it is outdated.
    The newspaper I partially translated is from about 3 weeks ago. You call this very old? Why do you think it is very old??

    I have visited the Copacabana addresses 2 days ago, most downtown addresses 3 weeks ago.

    You call this very old? Should it be fresh like the breakfast roll, 2 minutes out of the oven??

    The only old information are the apartment numbers at Rua do Ouvidor, a 2-3 of them have closed down, but I mentioned this. I actually visited them 6 weeks ago but failed to write down which ones were open and which ones were closed.

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    jylland - denmark
    calm down guys......
    it is very good information you postered here ....it must take years to get all this info......great...thanks.

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    Ranen1. The info looks fresh to me and BS should be applauded for sharing info like this.

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    Thanks for all the info, BS! I think I need to check out Rio. I have been to Colombia and Central America and never needed a visa as a US citizen. I understand that a Brazilian visa would cost me $100 and getting one takes a long time. Then, after all that time, I could very well be denied. So I have heard.

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    jylland - denmark
    hi bs
    i have read your post again... how can you do the girl if they not are fresh and clean??? i think it will be more of an good experiens if the towels is fresh and the sheets fresh too....maby pay a little more and have very good time and fresh,clean experiens....

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    cheap brothels are not for everyone

    Originally posted by pingwin
    hi bs
    i have read your post again... how can you do the girl if they not are fresh and clean??? i think it will be more of an good experiens if the towels is fresh and the sheets fresh too....maby pay a little more and have very good time and fresh,clean experiens....

    this is your choice. Most foreigners probably will do what you said.

    I post this an option for people to have a different experience. Some will do it for the curiosity, some for the different experience of meeting different people, more the real Brazil, only very few gringos will do it purely for the money.

    But I can tell you: most people who join me for pure curiosity and who swear they will only look, end up getting enthralled and actually do some girls in these brothels.

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    jylland - denmark
    hi bs
    yes... i think your right...but i still think you post some good info here.....and i think i will try some of them..*Smiling*
    in the case you know all these places ... have you ever meet some japanese chick in rio ???? in that case... i can bring my own towell *LOOOOOL*

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    LOL, what can I say....

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    jylland - denmark
    wolfie... is it you there fucking the pipe????hehehehe...pervert!!*GG* nice outfit...

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    Wolfpack, we know its you!

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    jylland - denmark
    damn....wolfie... have you meet the girl BS talk aboute??????? she kicked his ´ass too...*LOOOLL*
    by the way.... nice lady up there...is she one of your score from rio???????hahahahahahahahaha... just kidding...

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    jylland - denmark
    why is all the foto ????????? who can tell???????and why did they take them offf?

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    jylland - denmark
    "Some pussy took down the photos of the guy with the car tailpipe."

    oooohhhhhhhhh.....damn... that was one of my faverits..*LOOOOL* very sexy but not realy my type*LOOL*


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