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    Post My travel experience in Romania

    After 4 years of traveling in Romania in summer, I realized I had never paid Worldsexguide back the debt I deem I owe the site for giving me information about hookers in the country. I remember I was living in a large French city and could see year after year waves of what we called «Eastern girls» invading street action. I met girls from Hungary, Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, but the best ones were doubtlessly Romanian.

    I am going to try to write a few descriptions of situation I saw as well as the way I handeled them. I first start with general information, then I will givedetails about street action and hidden girls I encountered.

    First of all, I want to stress that once I had decided to go, I took all my information from this page : http://www.worldsexguide.com/guide/E...ania/index.htm

    I sometimes followed the letter of information and year after had to cope with new situations. Ju st remember a few tips before you go or decide to go to Romania.

    Legal environment

    Prostitution has been prohibited for years. Yet, its has always been fairly developped. The prohibition started being enforced in 2006. A hooker can get a ticket for soliciting («racolaj» also used in the sense of «passive soliciting» that is just hanging in the street to get customers), breaching public morality or affront to public decency and other kind of legal charges that usually costs 500 leis (about €150 ) at every ticket.

    Procurement has very long been ignored by the police and justice that influence the development of prostitution as well as an economyof pay-offs to protect procurers and prostitues. Romanian police chase more procurement than soliciting now.

    General overview

    Despite Romanian girls work as the best hookers or escorts in Europe, do not consider Roamania as a country where you will find very easily a good fucking girl. The best Romanian girls work for money and migrated to clubs in Spain (probably the most ladvanced legal system in Europe for prostitution), so that only unexperienced, uncultivated or old girls will be found in Roamania. I just sugget a good tip: do not go to Romania, just for sex. But if you must go there for some reason take some time for tourism and divert to easy places.

    I also considered that situations I described were very unstable and fluctuating, after my 3rd year in Romania. Always keep in mind that I described action happening in summer, mainly in August. A few girls know they will find tourists to try to make all kind of extra money. I have never experienced Romania in winter. It seems , you will find less hookers in autumn and of course they will stay away from cold weather in winter.

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    Currency regions population languages

    Monetary system

    The Romanian currency is called leu. They say one leu, two lei.
    Aproximatively : 1€ = 3,40 lei in 2005
    1€ = 3,20 lei in 2006
    1€ = 3,10 lei in 2007
    1€ = 3,20 lei in 2008

    Till june 2006, the currency used to be the old leu also called lei vecchi. 1 leu = 10,000 lei vecchi.
    Why is it important ? Girls were used to say «3» that meant 3 times a bill of 100,000 leis (about 10 €). They would also say «300» for 300,000 andthey kept the habit. Even somebody used to this kind of negociations can get lost. Recntly, a girl told me 200 euros, she meant 20 € .


    Romania is divided into 25 (more or less) judetul (couties, department, Kreis ?) Historically it was founded by merging 6 main regions.Romania was founded in 1863 by merging
    - Valachie (the area of Bucharest ) with
    - Moldova that was shared in 2 parts in 1945 : Moldova as the Romanian Moldovais the larger part. The Republic of Moldova is mainly in the area so called Bassarabia. I will used the non academic definition of words : Molovan for a Romanian girl and Modovenian for a girl from the Republic of Moldova.
    - Dobrogea : joined Romania in 1878.
    - Transylvania : joined Romania in 1945 it used to be the austrian part of Romania.
    - Banat also joined Romanaia in 1918. This can be considered as the Romanian Yugoslavia.
    - Maramures joined Romania in 1918. It had beeen liked to Ukraine in 1945 then went back to Roamania.


    - the people of Maramures relatively live in autarcy following modes of the XIXth century. Girls are very often dressed with traditional costumes and are usually strong countryside girls. Needless to say this region is not interesting for our action.
    - Girls of Moldova are among the hottest and most beautifull in Europe. Yet , you will very seldom find these girls in Moldova. They usually work in clubs in Spain for thebest ones or in appartments in Constanţa.
    - The people of Valachie are latine people with greek and turkish mixes. They usually consider prostitution as a way to make easy money by lazy people and do not consider hookers as good people.
    - The people of Transylvania are more or less the «German» peopleof Romania. Girls from Valachie or Transylvania very often look like ordinary girls in Italy or Germany (they are just thinner).
    - Girls of Bannat have a slavian look.
    - Girls of Dobrogea can have a typical look with slightly slanting eyes and a bronzed skin.
    You can add other types of girls :
    - gipsy girls. Somme look like Indian people just arrived from Bombay. Other are blond haired with a very light white skin.
    - Tatarian people is another slavian type.
    - Hungarian people can be found in the north of Transylvania.
    - In the south of Dobrogea and Valachie, you will find people with turkish blood.
    Always keep in mind that intermixing of races is the main base of ethnic types. You can find a blond haired girl with turkish features on her face in Constanţa., Gipsy girls with both Gipsy and Arabian skins in the south and in Bulgaria, or Gipsy, Moldovan or «European» with light colored eyes of Tatars etc …

    Languages :
    The most common language remains of course Romanian whose basics are latine and fairly easy to catch by smart people from latine countries. (In my opinion, it is very close to Spanish). A lot of people speak english that they learnt on TV and only older people or people with a senior position in the administration speak French. Hookers speak Romanian, gipsy language , Hungrian (when close to Hungary) and very surprisingly, they sometimes handel a few words of German.

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    how to find girls ?

    How to find girls ?


    In 2005, I used to go to a club in middle size cities if I had found nothing after a few days. I used to negociate a girl from midnight till 5 or 6 AM for about 150 € ; After 1 or 2 hours of sex, the girl would be tired and would even argue she only had the smaller share of the money. This time is over, since procurement has been effectively prohibited.

    I checked in 2008 all the places from where I had gone out with a girl or in which I had spent time to negociate seriously to go out with a girl. All these places were not only closed but they had been replaced by shops, store or whatever.

    Girls hanging in the lobby or bar of hotels

    I read the information in a tourist guide about an hotel in Iaşi. When I was there in 2005, I saw no girl looking for customers in lobbies. I also read that big hotels were equipped in the 1990’s with discrete and luxuous bars at the top of the lift. I made an investigation this year : this no longer exists. Hotel employees, even the yougest ones will confirm you they know «there were bars in hotels but no loger now».

    Escort agencies

    I have a list of links that I have never checked. Be aware, escort agencies are procurement. I do not advise anybody to ask for the services of a procurer to find a girl. We had a discussion on the matter a few years ago. Despite some people think that a girl working for a procurer will be enforced to work correctly, just keep in mind they are under the control of criminals who will pay no attention to your interest and will keep the larger share of your money for themselves. Remeber this word of a Romanian girl who worked for a procurer : I don’t care about the customer’s interest. I just care about what my boss wants and he wants money.

    Taxi drivers

    They used to be small procurers taking a small percentage on the turnover of girls. I kept a contact with one who used to do it. He gave me a very good contact in 2005, could not arrange any contact at a reasonable price in 2006, explained me he would just arrange contacts for rich businessmen paying for heavy taxi services in 2007, and he told me he stopped making contact in 2008. Nevertheless, as we kept in touch together, I usually meet him with to offer him a good bottle of wine, then he explained me the new trends of the year. Very usefull in a country where everything changes so fast !

    Friendly girls

    Only stupid guys think they managed the perfect business with a friendly girl or a girl looking fora boyfriend as well as money. Just be carefull of a shy beautifull girl going to you in a touristic area and asking you «sex ?» who has no accomodation where to go to with you. I know it can feel hard, but stay away from her : she will rip you off.

    Street action

    It is really developped in some areas but the police is winning on this front in most of the places I know. Nevertheless, it seemed to me the police takes it easy in some places. I found excellent cases sometines. But in most of the cases, the prices are the same as prices in a big French city but they are in lei instead of euros. The service is as bad as in street action in a Western Europe city : girls try to expedite the «party» and they become more and more unpleasant. Yet, this remains the best possibility to find contacts and to negociate something interesting. Girls developped a Romanian clientele as the ones in Western Europe developped a local clientele. They need efficiency especially at fairly low prices. If you are smart and lucky, you can find a girl who will accept a several hours service or even a better service as long as they think they have done their evening. Your best bet should be to be respectful and friendly that is not rude as local people. If they trust you, they can accept to invite you to their home, follow you to your hotel or go to a place further in your car.

    Highway action

    The first girls I found this way, were gipsy girls hitch hiking to move a few kilometers away. In northern areas of the country, people use to pay the car driver when hitch hiking. As these girls were broke, they usually asked for money just enough to pay the fare and a small profit to buy 2 packs of cigarettes. I could not experience this pleasant way of traveling this year. If you think you can catch just an opportunity, always target a lonely girl (they never propsed sex when being 2). I picked up several people in one time last summer. The white guy explained me in french that the other people were were gipsies, allthough they did not really look like ones. The man paid me in the end while hs grilfriend smiled to me such a way I understood the fare would have been different if she had travelled without her husband and small boy.
    An advantage to look for a girl on a road is that most of them are gipsies who go and make the business outside the city far enough to try to make money since their population has very long been rejected from jobs due racism. I met such a girl this year and could see she needed money. But now, girls hanging on the side of highways are hookers more or less controlled by procurers. They sometimes turn up to be the same as those working in cities at night (they are often the same girls who were expelled from city boulevards by the police). This year, I could find a Tatare girl who told me she was a student trying to make money.

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    more tendencies and rip off

    A few more tendencies

    * girls become more and more expensive and no so pleasant as in the past. Try to be friendly anyway and even though you find a sweet angel who makes you fall in love you want to keep in few cold cells in your brain with enough cynical spirit to keep the control of the siuation.

    * Oral with or without condom ?
    Oral without used to be a common habit in Romania. It seems now that campaign for using condoms lead more and more girls to use it. I still accept oral without sometimes (especially with young girls) so I cannot criticize those who require this practice. A lot of girls from eastern Europe working mainly in Germany are now carrying diseases not so serious as HIV and Romania is no more isolated from this phenomenon. It’s up to you to choose. My position is to accept Oral without when offered, ask for it if the girl looks like a novice. If I can feel the girl is experienced and wants to use a condom, I do not argue and do not even ask. Real professional will do a better job with it.
    * No oral. I discovered this new trend this year. I remember 2 girls in Targu Mureş who preferred to cover my face with kisses, but I discoverd this new trend this year . I heard this «no oral» from gipsies working every day (I daren’t write «professional» girls) or european type girls working on boulevard. As far as I understand, they use condoms and do not like it for oral. They are not abble to know about flavoured condoms . I do not think they stay a long time in this kind of activity.

    Ripp off

    Let me start with bad stories that happened to me. Most of the times they happened following the samekind of process : you hang in a very nice touristic area and wonder why you cannot share the pleasure with a girl friend (even a rented one) or think you have been stupid as yet not to have found a good hooker. Very easily in front of you a girl is hanging and you realize that she’s watching you staring at your eyes.

    You will start thinking you have a real sex appeal or charm and will try to be friendly but due her poor English she will rapidly tell you the word : «sex» (as hookers on boulevards). Then, you will start a very embarassing experience. She will try to make you understand she is not a professional hooker will hesitate a lot every time you suggest her something and of course you will never go to her place but to your place.

    I wrote about a few of these experiences in the thread «crime and mugging». Just read them on the link below:

    You pay her about 150 € for a whole night and after one hour of sex (if you are lucky), or just after making a great fuss, she will run away or complain she is sick and need to return to her home. Can you keep her in the place knowing this place is your hotel room and that she can start screaming or open the door to a pimp ?

    I was screwed by a young hooker in Cluj in 2006. I had seen her going with a police car about 1 hour before I contacted her in the street. They gave her a ticket of 500 leis and she felt really anxious since she was probably a very new beginner and had no money to pay the ticket and feared for the reaction of her family. She had offered me 100 leis for 30 minutes and 150 leis for 1 hour in my hotel room. She behaved as a girl who is enforced to sex and was in such a hurry to finish with it. After about 25 minutes, she put her cloth back and wanted to go out so I kept the key of the lock and told her I had paid for 1 hour. She showed me she was about to scream, but as Iknew she had just had a ticket from the police, an intervention from the police would not be in her favour . (Note this if you are in the same situation and be sure that the guy without uniform telling you he is from the policeis just a pimp). I kept her in the room tillshe gave me 50 lei back.

    I experience my first one night girl in 2007 (price: € 100 ) and it took me time to understand how to find a girl at a good price. I had cautiously reserved an hotel room in a town a few kilometres away from the city, and I had lied to her about the name of the town we were going to. I knew the girl from last year but also discoverd I had been lucky since she was not used to going so far in a car so that she was lost. During the night she was called several times by Romanian customers who violently insisted to meet her and give her money. If I had not locked my position, I think I would have been screwed up.

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    North of Romania : the Hungarian frontier from Arad to Satu Mare



    I found 2 teasers bars with the same neon sign : «sexy club» . I remember in 2005 trying to negociate with a local beauty. She had given me prices to go out with her at 5:00 AM and pleased me to stay and pay for drinks (that would alllow time for strokes). I turned down.
    In 2008, I went to the other club. I started talking about sex with the first girl who stayed with me. She told me she was OK for 150 € but I could feel a rip off since she did not explain me how and when to go. I had to offer a «lady’s drink» to talk to her and after a while she told me she had to go for a dance and quit. Another girl came andstrted evrything over but I refused to pay her a lady’s drink. When the first one came back, she asked mefor another lady’s drink to stay. I decided to go.

    This experience costed me 100 lei for less than 1 hour in a bar.

    Boulevards at night

    Street action took place close to the «Lukoil» gas station. A couple of gipsy girls were hanging there harassed by a team of police officer. Further on the ramp in the middleof large trucks a girl was stricly escorted by drivers. I never found out if she was a hooker or the daughter of a driver. That was hard to comme close under the agressive glances from drivers. I came back one hour later and noticed nothinghad changed : gipsies, police, truck drivers and the thin girl.

    Near Arad in daytime

    Next morning 300 feet further on the road to Oradea, 2 gipsy girls with dark skin were hanging. The one who came close looked oldand I asked to talk to the other who looked youger. The other one did not want to move her ass.

    From Arad to Oradea : the road was empty


    2005 : I tried to find a contact with somebody named Marius . The information was no more valid.
    I found a girl in strange conditions but I was ripped off. More details there :

    I was surprised to find cheap nice gipsy girls on the road nort of Oradea . I just could not believe they could be so cheap . I missed good opportunities.
    I was stopped early in the day before noon by a blond haired hitch hiker in a small town not far from Sacueni. Regretfully, I had no more Romanian currency.
    I saw a lot of hookers in this area. All of them were gipsy girls and most of them were not really lovely. Prices ranked from 30 to 40 lei. I picked up no girl.
    In Sacueni a few hundred feet north of downtown, 2 drak skined gipsies were hanging. They looked a little bit fat but clean and well made up. They requested 100 lei. A few kilometres further north I stopped to bargain with abig fat gipsy and a blond haired girl with her face burnt by the sun. Hard bargain, they were speaking Hungarian. They started at 70 lei but refused blowjobs. I turned down.

    The city was celebrating weddings and I had to wait till late in the evening to find a quiet city. I had looked for the pizza restaurant whose boss was supposed to introduce me to a teen girl and found nothing. The information was no more valid.
    At night, in 2006, I saw gipsy girls hanging around the boulevard from downtown to the train station. They were just ugly despite their being under 30. In a discrete place, I saw 2 girls negociating with customers girls followed them in their cars, then nothing. I eventually found a good looking girl «Ramona» hanging on a bank in the garden downtown after everybody went to bed. We negociated 50 € for 1 hour. I actually paid 150 lei and she stayed1 hour in my hotel room. She was black haired with light coloured eyes like many girls in the area Hungarian side or Moldovan girls. She was thin and sexy, knew how to make a blowjob (with condom if I remember well) and got fucked in a few positions. Shewas just doing her business and could have been more GFE.

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    Other cities north of Romania : Dej, Cluj Napoca and Targu Mureş

    I picked up a fairly young girl on the road going to Cluj Napoca. White skin, dark hair and clear eyes. Not really experienced. No blow job, but not in a hurry, she had a good spot to go to to have sex in a car. 40 lei.
    I visited Dej on a sunny afternoon in the summer and saw nothing.

    During 3 years, I found that Cluj was the most expensive city for street action. I querried hookers many times but had only a negative experience.
    Prices were 50 lei in a car and 100 lei for 1 hour in an hotel or in a small house at the camping place.
    100 lei in a car for about 25 minutes in the hotel or 150 lei for one hour. A lot of girls looked junk. I remember a thin one with black teeth. I had thought this came from malnutrition, but I was told this might come from some drugs.
    Prices started at 100 lei for quick sex in a car. Girls did not look as junk but cery slang.
    I did not check at night.

    For my experience in 2006, please check on this link :
    Summary: young girl, fairly clean as a student who tried to make easy money with a friend. She was brought to the police and given a ticket of 500 lei before I picked her up. She offered 150 lei for one hour in an hotel room. She kept cold and was tired after 25 minutes. I kept the door of the room locked till she gave me back 50 lei.

    A fairly good place indeed.
    * I arrived at Targu Mureş on a sunny summer afternoon from Sighişoara. The road was full of hookers under 25 hanging across the bus stop near the «REAL» supermarket. I noticed a very nice one with red tainted hair. I went to town to pick up money and could not see her when comming back. I picked up a blond haired gipsy (Maria). We went to a motel closed for renovation a few kilometres away. One hour costed me 100 lei for the girl and 20 lei to pay off the guard of the motel and get a room.
    * On the next day, I picked up the red haired girl (Monica). We went to her house in the shanty town top hill southeast side of the city. We had a pretty good time for one hour for 100 lei. I asked her her price for one night, she replier («2 million and half» that is 250 lei, 80 €). I had no time for it anyway.
    * In the autumn a French guy reported on a French forum he had seen no hooker hanging close to the supermarket on the road to Sighişoara.

    *I arrived at Targu Mureş on a very hot Sunday afternoon. I saw no girl hanging either across the supermarket or alongside the new road circumnavigating the buildings south of the city. I checked close to the shanty town but daren’t go into it alone. As I was going out I saw a blond haired girl coming from the next hill. That was Monica. We went back to the next hill in the forest and stayed half an hour flirting. She needded money and wanted to have sex on the spot. As I was tired, I negociated a price for the whole night on the following day. She requested 350 lei (100 €).
    We spent the whole night in my hotel that was a few kilometres away from Targu Mureş. I very cautiously lied about the town we were going to in order to avoid being disturbed or ripped off. Monica took her time to use the shower since she has no bathroom in her shanty house. She behaved wonderfully. One thing is to point out : she makes no blow job. We spent more than one hour kissing one another before starting partying seriously. We fell aslept in one another’s arms in the middle of the night. Just after sunrise, she asked me to bring her back home.
    (We were disturbed just by a couple of phone calls around midnight. . I kept her phone number. I keep it for people who ask for it if I deem acceptable to give it).

    *On the next evening, I saw girls hanging both across the supermarket or alongside the new road circumnavigating the buildings south of the city. The main difference xith last year came from that they were hanging morediscretely and at night.
    In day time, youcan pck up a hooker walking on boulevards but you need to know her because you will not notice otherwise she's a hokker.

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    Further in the middle of the country : Braşov, Sighişoara, Alba Iulia


    Extinction of hookers

    Girls were hanging in the afternoon around a bridge over the railroad alongside the road to Sighişoara. I picked up a girl about 20 years old, fairly beautifull but not more (let’s say a 6) ; She blew me without condom in my car for 30 lei. On the next day, in the morning, a few kilometres further (Feldioara) , a young wild girl offered the same service. I had something to do, but I thought I could have had a good time with her if I had been patient to bargain. I did not really care since there were many girls hanging close to Braşov.
    I saw fewer girls. They looked older like young mothers who need money to feed the family. I got blown lei with a condom for 40 lei.
    Only 2 hookers were still hanging at the spot. A 45 years old fat one and another one, less than 30 too busy to bargain with her.
    The area was empty. The time with young girls at low prices is over now.

    Alongside the road from Braşov, close to e bar, 2 hookers were hanging on th epark place. Price requested : 30 lei for oral and normal and 50 for anal. I did not enjoy neither the girls nor the conditions (100 feet away from the road).
    Same spot. A really junky girl was hanging at the same spot. 100 lei to go to the toilets outside the restaurant for a fuck. I turned down.
    Downtown at night : I had a very bad experience in the evening, twice with girls and procurers. See on this link :

    Alba Iulia
    3 hookers were hanging on the highway circumnavigating the town eastside. I picked up the young one completely dressed in yellow. She had offered me oral and mormal for 40 lei. As I saw I was following other cars to the same place, I decided to return.
    A couple of weeks later, I heard a TV report that the police had arrested procurers who enforced girls to prostitution. I checked one week later but that was a rainy day so I don’t know if the report dealt with the girls I had seen. I still saw a fairly old hooker hanging.

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    Between Banat and Metaliferous mounts : Deva, Oraştie


    Club :I visited a night club on the main road (DN 7) between the OMV gas station and the railway station. A girl came to me and explained, that prostitution was effectively prohibited in Romania. She meant that the police had started having this prohibition complied with in clubs. All the girls were very young and none of them had ever had sex with a customer. The prohibition of prostitution was placarded everywhere in the club.
    Street action happened around the Mol gas station. 2 gipsy girls were trying to find customers dicretly. I eventually caught Lorry. She offered me a bBJ in the car f ro a ridiculous price. The car was unconfortable and Lorry needed place to execute all together, BJ, sucking balls and anal rimming. I asked her for her price to end the nightin my motel room. She asked for 100 lei and kissed me warmly when I said yes. She was 29 years old , was not so beautifull, with a thin body but we had a good time together. I never found somebody blowing like Lorry again.

    I went across thez city in the afternoon and did not stay ; I tried to call Lorry but her phone number was no longer valid.
    The club seemed to be closed.

    Club : I went to the club once. I found young girls sleeping on the sofas waitng for customers. Right in front me a placard was reminding about the prohibition of prostitution. I did not waste my time.
    Street action took place at the Mol gas station once again. I bargained a complete night for 200 lei with a dark skinned gipsy girl. We took a date but I weent too late out of the restaurant and missed her. The other girls hanging there at night were not very flexible in their conditions. They refused BJ so I turned down.
    Further on th eroad close to the Petrom gas station 2 white girls were hanging. They behaved unpleasantly and refused BJ. I eventually picked up a strange girl 31 years old to spend the night with her. I paid 200 lei; I really don’t know if i have made a good business. I came back 2 weeks later and saw her again. She told me she had to pay a ticket of 500 lei and that she had also been scared by a violent customer. I bargained very badly for sex in the car at 100 lei: rapid BJ, rapid sex.
    Given the action of the police, do not expect to find street action in Deva. Anyway, if you go to this town don’t forget to check at the Mol gas station. If girls behave bad, don’t pck them up.


    The action actually takes place on the highway from Oraştie to Sebeş. The DN 7 is a main highway hard to avaoid when traveling across the country. Activity started in 2007 and seems to develop thanks to the clientele of truck drivers driving across Europe.

    On a park place about 10 km away from Oraştie I found a very nice gipsy girl with blond hair and clear skin. I picked her up as if she was hitch hiking. She proposed me sex after riding 2 km. As I had no more Romanian money (it’s stupid isn’t it ?), I offered euros and had only 50 € bills. So I tried to bargain as long time as possible and obtained 2 hours. She was sweet, beautifull and good to kiss except that a bad smell came from her mouth. She could have desrved a 10 but spent too much time complaining she had no job and was missing money. I think she was stressed not to bring back Romanian money at home and banks were closed.

    I saw a lot of action between Oraştie to about 10 km away going to Sebeş.
    Every park place had from 1 to 5 girls hanging waiting for customers. The first one was at a Lukoil gas station right after riding out of town. Then they were hunting customers on almost every park place. Most of them were gipsies. Prices were going from 50 to 70 lei. Most of the gipsy girls refused blow jobs. Those who accepted asked for higher prices.

    *The first time I went there I eventually found a very nice looking Slavian girl at the 4th park place. She asked for 50 lei . We went to a quiet place and had sex for about 45 minutes : I asked for BBBJ, then she looked a little bit in a hurry, and stressed so I gave her a cunnilingus to have her relaxed, then we had good sex together. Only negative point, she stayed cold and did not enjoy me to tell her she was pretty (a real 10). She told me she was a studient in Sibiu.

    *I went the same place 3 weeks later and found more or less the same girls except this tatare girl. I eventually found a gipsy at the intersection of the road going to Cugir. She was not a usual worker and was almost hiding . I bargained 1 hour for 100 lei including oral, normal and anal sex. She was not used to oral but did it nicely with kisses on the body. She reminded me the one I had found one year before but not so beautifull, older and less experienced. She let me end in her ass as dealt previously.

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    Eastside of the Carpathians : Buzau, Bacau, Focşani, Iaşi


    Hookers were hanging in the morning from a Russian cemeterry to a small forest on th road to Bucharest. There were about 10 girls in 3 groups or more. I had an excellent contact wit a black gipsy girl named Angela. For 30 leis, she brought me to an open field to a place from where we could see carscomming 2 km aways. We stayed 1 hour together. She did not behave as a professional hooker and never showed any unpatience. I came back one week later and picked her up without inquirying other girls.
    Many girls among whom Angela were no more working. 3 slang girls at the entry of the forest and a young white girl at the cross road inside the forest. I had a good BBBJ with CIM for 10 lei.
    Same girl, same service: first time : 15 lei, second time: 20 leis.
    The girl was the only one there. She told me the police was about to catch her.
    The area is empty (checked twice).

    I found a good looking girl (nice body but ugly face) in an industrial area. She had a good place away in an open field. 30 lei for one hour including BBBJ and normal sex.I came back on the next day.
    The area had been cleaned by the police.


    As I had parked my car in front of a gas station to get food, I found a good looking gipsy girl sitting between my lights. He needed to go to the next town and as she had no money topay for hitch hiking proposed me sex instead. She bargained a good BBBJ for 10 lei.When arrived, she paid me and kept just enough money to get 2 packs of cigarettes. We could hardly talk to one another but I very often wondered if I could not have stayed with her for a few days.


    On the road from Roman to Iaşi, I saw a hooker hanging in the morning. One year later, it seems the place was well garded by the owner of the restaurant across the road.

    Second largest city in the country, Iaşi is the place where I saw the most beautifull Romanian girls. Nevertheless, I met no hooker. The most beautifull hookers I met either in Constanţa or in France or Spain came from Iaşi or Bucovina. I saw no street action In Iaşi.

    I checked almost every street and found nothing. I eventually entered a club «the lady in Red Cabaret» where I was introduced to a few dancers. I was requested to pay for the Champagne to be allowed to have a girl. The procedure was the following : I had to pay 150 € then go back aloneto my hotel and wait for the girl. I went out without paying.

    I checked again staying away from cabarets and found nothing again. I also checked the lobby of hotels, not only mine but all the large hotels downtown and found nothing.

    I did not go back to Iaşi again.

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    I rode across the city late at night and saw a few hookers hanging in the street of Arad. I did not stop since the situation looked like the French boulevards.

    I found a cabaret in the area of the North Station. A girl told me I could bring her to my hotel room, paying her 50 € and 50 € for the bar fine. I deemed it too expensive at that time..
    I checked on the street of Arad and saw a few hookers about 25 years old but had no feeling to ask. I also saw a crossdresser.
    When quitting, I saw 2 girls hanging in the afternoon on the road to Lugoj, across the camping place near a park around which buses make U turns. They asked for 40 lei for a BJ.

    I checked on the street of Arad and picked up a girl at the level of «Selgros». We went outside the city and she gave me a BJ with condom for 40 lei. That was fast and not really good.
    Downtown, I saw several times older men (60 years old) having dinner with young and pretty girls (about 20). No idea how they got in touch together.
    I went back to the club and stayed with the dancer I had stayed with on the previous year. She explained me she was no more a dancer and how she had tried to get a job in Italy. Nothing interesting.

    In the afternoon, on the road from Lugoj, a girl was hanging at the bus terminal across the camping place. Price offerd: 40 lei. I did not know if BJ was included.
    Nothing downtown.
    In the evening, I saw only one hooker on the street of Arad. I decided to check something (*) back to the road to Lugoj and found street action on the circumnavigation avenues : Strada Demetriade, Strada Gheorghe Adam and
    Calea Dorobanţilor
    . Prices are usually 50 lei for a quick sex in the car close to the boulevard. A girl even told me 50 for sex, 30 for oral and 80 for combination.
    I eventually picked up a nice blond girl Monica. She offered to stay one hour in her appartment for 200 lei in order to avoir being disturbed by the police. She leaded me to a nice beautifull appartment in a social housing building. She started fairly shy, but became hot. After a first shoot, we chatted 5 minutes. She explained me she was from Bucharest and that her boyfriend's name was Chrissi, so that was prohibited to fall in love with her. She behaved really hot and tried to push me with a deep throat (oral with condom). When she was feeling too horny she would try to slow down telling me "oh Chrissi" (She had a great sense of humour). As she was pushing to try to finish in the hour, I offered her the last 5 minutes. After putting my cloth back, we took 20 minutes for a last kiss during which I heard maybe 10 times "oh Chrissi !" I kept her phone number.

    (*) when coming from Lugoj, I had noticed a neon closeto a 4 star hotel on a boulevard (straight ahead on Calea Dorobanţilor instead of turning right on Strada Gheorghe Adam). The neon was flashing at night. I sometimes wonder if such clubs don not offer discrete activity for people who pay expensive prices for it.

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    Before dealing with street action, I want to point out I was really surprised by the expensive price of hotels (more than 100 € a night) with a full armada of receptionists ready to bill a supplement for a dual room in case you bring a «girlfriend» with you at night. I found something really comfortable for 100 lei. (ad 50 lei of supplement for a dual room if you come later with a girl.

    Also note, that besides street action, it is worth visiting Bucharest mainly the boulevards around the palaces of government built by the administration of former dictator Ceauşescu.

    Thai Massage. 2008

    I was given an advertisement on a big boulevard for a thai massageparlor. I did not check it.
    Erotic Massage saloons – Ultra relaxing – Body sensual – Full erotic – Erotic show – Aroma therapy – 150 RON. http://www.erotic-masaj.ro/ - for gents and couples – Thai passion – saloane de masaj erotic – Jade palace – 0730 22 22 80 – Str. Prepelitei Nr 8, (Dacia) – 0730 22 22 90 – Calea Calarasilor Nr 90 (Unirii).

    I stress again that I did not check. The main reason is that I feared to pay for a traditional massage and a rapid sexual massage as in Asian massage parlors in America. A French guy wrote he had gone to this adress and complaines that was the same price as in Paris for the same level of service. I also read (without being in position to confirm) that you can find advertisement for such services in many hotels. I found an advetisement for a whorehouse in a small city in 2005 and never again.

    boulevardul Unirii 2008
    That was the main place for street action. I could not see more than 6 girls in 2 evenings. I picked up a nice white girl, Valentina. Prices : 50 lei in a car, 150 lei in her appartment (1 hour), 400 euros for a night.
    Valentina is very sweet and nice, but her appartment located in the basement of a building smells as in a farm with animals . She has neither bathroom nor current water. Valentina practices long and sweet blow jobs ( a car with protections is enough for that) but asks for 100 lei of supplement for «normal» sex.

    Gara de Nord 2008
    Street action takes place in the parc across the station. Do not look for hookers, you will not find them but they will find you. Not more than 5 hookers were working there. Their offer: 50 lei. They are young gipsy girls, when I asked how old, they answered 18. They also refused BJ. An older girl (about 30) proposed me to go to an appartment in the area for one hour including sex and BJ, but I did not find her all right. I prefered to go back to Bd Unirii and spend time in my car with Valentina.

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    Close to Bucharest: Craiova, Rîmnivu Valcea



    Street action

    No street action downtown. I also found an empty club.


    Hookers wait for customers on a road circumnavigating the city northside, not far from the airport. One vanished with a customer. The only one who looked all right offered me a price of 40 lei. (When coming close I found her not so all right: she was thin but looked like a girl who became old rapidly burning her face under the sun waiting for customers.

    Hidden escorts

    I decided to test a trick given by a friend to look for hidden escorts. I managed to find a list of about 20 people and called 10 of them. I had no answer. It seems that these are young ladiesworking in daytime. I did not check again in the evening.

    Rîmnicu Valcea Clubs

    The city had 2 whorehouses. The «club 69», downtown had only one «dancer». The boss did not agree to let her out. We took time to chat. He explainedme the situation had become hard since his situation was not legal but the police would let him make his business that was going down and down siince girls were quitting to go to Spain.
    In the hotel, I found an advertisement for another whorehouse that was not easy to find at all at night. I eventually found 5 girls sitting on a leather sofa. Since I did not like the only one whospoke english, I negociated the big brunette from Moldova for 150 € a night. Standard BJ and fuck but fairly a lazy girl.

    I checked both clubs: they boyh vanished. I very hardly recognized the place of former club 69 in a furniture and DIY store. The other placed has become a pension. I found very odd to talk to a young lady who was the boss of the business in the place where I had negociated for night with a brunette 3 years before. I also checked in the discotheque and saw many tables ready for a wedding banquet instead of the red leather sofas and the dancing scene.

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    Constanţa 2005 and 2006


    Constanţa is the best place to find hookers in Romania. A lot of girls go there from every place in the country to make money. But be carefull : procurers also control the place and prices can go very high. Don’t get ripped off.

    My first worry was to find a cheap housing in an area I did not know. If you don’t mind about spending money just go to Mamaia, otherwise it is really hard to find.

    I checked clubs especially club 21. Prices were €100 for 30 minutes.
    I found a very pretty girl in the end of the afternoon hanging in the village around the area of Club21. She proposed me € 150 to stay overnight with me. We had sex 2 hours then she asked to go to a restaurant and used the situation to go away. More details on this link : http://www.worldsexguide.com/forum/s...ad.php?t=16396

    Mangalia : I moved there for my housing and checked all the information I checked all the situations described in this page and found nothing. http://www.worldsexguide.com/guide/E...ania/more2.htm I just saw 4 junk girls who used to sell sex in the area of Venus across the highway going to Bulgaria. I feared to get sick even just with a BJ.

    I eventually tried to contact a taxi driver. I met a friendly one who could speak both French and English a little bit. He called a few girls then he introduced me to a 21 years old student. We agreed on € 50 for 3 hours. I asked to makeher stay the whole night, but she did not want and was scared since we had to go to Mangalia. Elena was as good as a profesional, except she was not very smiley. We talked on the way back to Constanţa, shewanted to know if she could have got more money.

    The taxi driver brought me to a cheap motel downtown. Cheap but hot and with bad smells.
    We spent time trying to look for a girl. Elena agreed to be paid € 100 for 1 hour. We tried all kind of contacts. Girls asking for reasonable prices looked ugly. I felt something was changing.

    I went to a club and let a dancer convince me to pay for achampagne. NON SEX. That was a unique experience in my life. She did not only made a private teaser’s dance while i was sitting on a sofa, she undressed me and made me feel terribly hot. Then she took ice cubes and keeping me hot inside, she made me becomme cold on my skin : very exciting and unique. (This costed me € 160). Irena explained me she used to go to Spain to work as a prostitute in a club in the area of Irun or in the Balearic Islands. I remembershe looked so young at the first glance and so experienced when we were chatting. The club closed and was replaced by another one that also closed the next year.

    Boulevardul Lapaşneanu
    When coming back, I saw hookers on Boulevard Lapaşneanu. I negociated € 50 for one hour in an appartment including anal. Once in the appartement, she asked for an extra of 15 lei for the housing. She gave a bad blow job and made a bad fucking. I asked her for anal (I wanted to hurt her ass for being lazy) but she said she had never done anal and refused to. I went away without bringing her back to the boulevard.

    When passing on the boulevard I saw a very nice Moldovan girl : Julia. We agreed to meet the next day. We spent 1 hour for 100 lei in the hotel. French kiss, BBBJ and changes in positions, a real wonder.
    Julia agreed to spend the 3rd night with me for €100. We went to Mamaia spent time together and eventually went to a quiet place I had found. We had sex till 3 am. She received a violent phone call . On a Saturday evening, her procurer demanded her to go back to the boulevard.

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    Constanţa 2007 and 2008


    The taxi driver has developped a taxi company and has sharply restricted his contact activity to connecting customers with a fare from Bucharest airport with de luxe girls. He told me that procuring had become very dangerous since the police now works against procurers either criminals who enforce girls to work or men who give contacts .

    More and more clubs closed. I checked at hotel Oxford. I bet that was a rip off. I heard the same proposals as anywhere else : stay in the place : pay lady’s drinks to a girl and maybe she will go out with you . Every time she goes to the scene for a dance, you must pay a new lady’s drink.

    Boulevardul Lapaşneanu
    Girls work around a park well looked after by pimps who stand no further than 10 feet away from girls to teach them how to wait for customers.
    Thanksfully, I kept acontact with Julia who sometimes work at Lapaşneanu. She asked me 150 lei for one hour and remains perfect. One hour with her very often became one hour and half. We were just interrupted sometimes by phone calls from her pimp.

    I still had a meeting with the taxi driver I know. He stopped completely connecting people with girls. He also stopped driving in town. As the boss of the company, he will work only for contracts going abroad or to Bucharest. Nevertheless, as I give him a good bottle of wine, he explained me how it works in Constanţa : due prohibition and vioent procurers, girls went back to old habits : they work in appartments . the usual price is 200 lei for 1 hour.

    Hard luck, my girlfriend Julia still changed her phone number and I saw no other girl I knew to contact her. I knew she would probably stop this activity.

    Even though Mamaia has no interest for street action, it’s a place to visit everuy summer when staying in Constanţa.
    North of the village hotel Histria, hookers wait for customers in the evening and call lonely men walking along.. They propose 100 lei for 30 minutes . They are about 30 years old, not really fresh. I observed the only one who looked good going into the hotel with a client. She was back about 20 minutes later.

    Strada Caraiman: 50 lei
    I found hookers hanging in the street at night first. They were gipsy girls well made up but close to 30 years old and looking like used to hanging at night. Pimps were standing at the corner and asked me what I was looking for but they had nothing else. Next day, in the afternoon, I saw a hooker from Iaşi who worked at Bd Lapaşneanu in the past 2 years. We went away following the railroad to a junk house and I had a very good BBBJ for 50 lei. It’s too bad that this girl never tried to work in better conditions. She is becoming fat with signs of an older girl. The blow job was perfect ending with a CIM.

    Appartments : 200 lei one hour
    I contacted about 10 girls working in appartments. A few never answered my phone calls, and most of them just reproached me not to speak Romanian correctly. I did not waste my time since I could hear they were scared as well as those who wanted me to go their appartment with a taxi so that they explain the taxi driver how to get there (and make me spend money). I eventually had a deal with a blond.

    She gave me an appoint ment in the area of her adress. She was less than 25 good looking withan athletic body. Once in her appartment, a very beautifull brunette was lying on the sofa and they asked me to choose. The brunette made me understand she did not want to move her ass, so I kept the blond. We went to the next room. She was sweet, kissed fairly well, her skin was ghood touching and she started with oral without condom. Then we were interrupted by a 3rd girl who came to talk about money. The blond asked me to go on but the other girl was counting money behind us ? I asked her to go out. Thenwe heard male voices and the blond asked me to hurry. I asked for an extraball but she was tired. She stayed for a while with me then she went away. Total time : 25 minutes same as if I had paid 100 lei. When I went out, girls were no more in the apprtment, just 3 young guys almost teenagers .


    On highway E60, about 2 km before reaching Ovidiu is a camping place. Many people hang on this road to rent appartments in Constanţa. I had noticed a couple of gipsy girls hanging. When pasing again, I had a contact with a typical Dobrogean girl with a rd skin and red tainted haired.
    Her prices : 50 or 70 lei in the car, 100 lei (70 for her and 30 for a cabana) in the camping place, 500 lei for a night (incall in thecamping only).
    I decided to go to the camping. She was shy and sweet. I asked her how old and she answered 18. So iI requested a BBBJ, that was excellent. That was also excellent to make her moan for pleasure with a cunilingus . I wanted to stay more time with her but she asked me to hurry since she said her mates were looking after her and she might have troubles if she stayed too long. She explained me they were working for a pimp and that her parents kept the control on her identity card. I stopped asking questions.
    I don’t think this girl will stay longer after August 2008, but you can try to go and check on the sport.

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    Good info Stefan III!

    Wow Stefan III that was some good information! I will be traveling to Hungary (my second time) in May 2009 and I will have a rental car that will be allowed to cross into Romania. I do not speak any Romanian and very little German do you think I can get by as I will only be looking for street (highway) action in my travels? I am mostly interested in the younger (18+) girls so in short where would you suggest I focus my travels? Thanks again for the great recap. Carryon


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