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    FKK and party treff clubs in germany

    I was in Mettman last night. It was a great deal. this is not the place to come for 18 year old had bodies i would say the girls there were maybe 5-6 (for age or weight) and there was one couple and she was maybe a 7. I had 8 sessitions with 4 different girls all were good. Not a gf sex but a hard core sex. when i arrived at 4:30 there where 4 girls and 7 total plus one couple. i would say the amount of guys move from 12 - 20 over the night. the price was 110 for the whole night drinks are free and a not to good dinner.

    Anyway it is some more info

    I have also heard of a club called Xtreff that is the same but for 150 and the girls look better I will check it out the next tiem i am near the frankfurt area

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    Mettman info

    can you give me some info more detailed about mettmen?
    Where si the place, how much, how to go there?
    mettman has a website?
    Thank for all info.

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    if you read the forum you would have this info as i posted more of it yesterday



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