FR on Lothlorian Spa, Bryanston/Jo'burg

From the moment you call, they make you feel very welcome. Their web site doesn't have the address, so they give you the address and directions over the phone. I was staying in a hotel near Sandton City, and it was only about a 5-10 minute cab ride.

The facility appears from the outside as a walled-in private house. Once your cab has been buzzed into the interior parking area, a girl comes down the walk to greet you and lead you into the house. They also make sure no other clients are leaving at the same time while letting you in. Once in the reception, you can ask to view the girls; there were about 8 working the night I was there. I took R., a tall ultra-skinny blond, about 7 all around. Not sure why I chose her, just the mood I was in, as there were a couple 8-9's. All the girls there were the ones on the web site. They all dress in a pretty little light green dress, no hooker clothes or lingerie on display. I had called ahead and asked for the “Hot Stone treatment with Sensuality.” Pre-booking is not required, but it gives them the chance to get the stones warmed up, and obviously helps if you want a particular girl. The web site is clear that “full house” (the local term for full service) is not available, but that “sensual stress relief and a happy ending” are. There is no bar, but they offer you juice, Coke or water when you arrive. Prices on the web site are correct.

R. offered me a shower before or after; I chose to take it after to get the oil off. We stripped down and I got on the table. She stripped naked, too, right off the bat, which surprised me. She then said she'd get the “sensuality” out of the way, so the massage could be more relaxing. So it was a happy beginning, instead of a happy ending. She had very good hand technique, with some anal massaging, but not internal on the prostate. I could touch her anywhere, but she asked that it be gentle.

Once that was out of the way, I flipped over for a nice relaxing body massage with hot stones. They use real massage tables with the hole for your face, so it's actually very comfortable and pleasant. At the end, R. asked if I'd like another hand job, which I gladly accepted. I hadn't ever been to a massage parlor that offered the hand job up front, much less two of them.

Afterwards, she ran a hot shower for me, and while I showered, she cleaned up the room. Admittedly the shower was kind of dingy, with a couple broken tiles, revealing the age of the property (obviously I wasn't looking at those kinds of details earlier, but alone in the shower, what else was I gonna look at?) We got dressed, and she led me out to the lounge. There I hung out with the other girls while waiting for my taxi to arrive. This is where they stash you to keep you out of sight of other clients. It also gives you a chance to interact with the other girls to make your decision easier the next time you come.

Lothlorian provided a good, real massage, and a two-for hand job. Though more expensive than other mongering activities can be locally; overall, it was a very pleasant and relaxing experience.