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    Hua Hin, good sex massage!

    Please name some palces with locals as I really like a nice happy ending!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlong View Post
    Please name some palces with locals as I really like a nice happy ending!
    The nicest places are those where you do not expect it. If you go for it and you get it, my experience is that 9 out of 10 times it is a bit dissapointing.

    As I will not return to Hua Hin very soon, I can share a nice secret with you.

    Walking the street of the night market in the direction of the Beach, a 100 or 200 meters before you end up ate the street running paralell to the beach there is a barbershop on the righthand side of the street. Looks like a proper barbershop. But upstairs it is a massage parlour. And a girl sitting on the couch in the barbershop only does massages. She is not a stunner but a very good looking mid thirties and can be very horny. If you are polite and really interested in her, you can have have a decent BBBJ as a happy end for 500 only. But make sure to have the proper change available as the girls downstairs absolutely do not know about this secret business!


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