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    Mar 2004

    Want to try young kampung malay girl in penang

    try to get ur self to jalan transfer. walk there and young will be ask by pimp (malays pimp). he will ask you do you need fresh baling ladies. the rate is 50 bucks for a shot.
    youll never regret it

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    Feb 2004
    can you give more details about the jalan transfer

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    May 2004
    you can get girls at Taiwan health center, or TAI-MA in transfer road.
    There are lots of places in penang u can get chick. Is alot cheaper compare to KL mostly around rm 100.

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    bro, any FR on your unforgetable experience? would love to hear them..... cheers
    "To Delay Until All Conditions Are Perfect Is To Forfeit The Game"

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    can give me directions to jln. transfer??? landmarks ao directions will do.....thanks a million...

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    Oct 2004
    yeah,where is jalan transfer?
    any one know any freelancer in penang?or collage call girl?

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    yah right!!! you'll end up putting your brother into someone as old as your mother. what type of turn off is this??

    Bro, better off ask them to go into any valley in KL city!!!!

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    Mar 2006
    hei guys! do u know where i can find girl to fuck somewhere arround seri kembangan.. malay exspecially....



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