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    Oct 2005

    Sex Marathon: PT Dorsten, PT Selm, PT Munster, FKK Penelope in a week-end

    Emotional issues during my latest Caribbean adventures had made me considering stop mongering. But donít worry, it lasted only a couple of weeks. I knew I had to get back on the horse again. Still, I knew also I had to make a break in my search for GFE. I guess there is no better way to deal with such issue than going for an amazing two days non stop sex marathon and fuck everything out of my mind. Thatís what I did: 3 partytreff and 14 girls fucked in one week-end!

    I had not really planned anything and arrived in the late afternoon in NRW with my renting car and my GPS preloaded with the precious database of all German FKK and PT. For practical reasons, I went straight to the infamous Hotel Humbert to get a room which made me also start my sexmarathon in the familiar PT Dorsten for itís famous Saturday party.

    Partytreff Dorsten Beckenkamp 22 Gewerbegebiet Beckenkamp DORSTEN WULFEN (Tel. 0 23 69 20 68 76) http://www.partytreff-dorsten.de/. Open from Sunday till Thursday from 10H00 till 0H00, Friday from 10H00 till 1H00 and Saturday from 12H00 till 3H00. Entrance is 99Ä and 125Ä on Saturday.

    I was welcomed by Roberto. He is a great guy and makes you think that he remembers you from the last time. It might be true, but considering that unlike the girls I donít fuck him, why should he recognize me? Anyway, I pay the 125Ä and go downstairs to the lockers room to undress me, take a shower and put the towel and sandals on. Once back on the main floor, I hand over my key to the lovely Patricia behind the bar and ask for a drink. The cutest girl is usually behind the bar, and this is certainly true at PT Dorsten! And yes, she is may be not available for sex, but I have been told that she gives sometimes a great strip show.

    It was still quiet in the early evening and I went to check the line-up. It was disappointing for a Saturday evening. Two girls were missing and there were only 10 girls available. Unfortunately, Claudia was amongst the missing girls and no other girl reached her quality level. I recognized only one girl from my previous visit, an average Polish girl. I remembered a disappointing session with her so I didnít try to book her that night. The new thing is that there are also two German girls. One is a small dark haired girl over 40, I did not try to book her too. But the second German girl is Anna, a young blonde haired girl, a bit fat but she has a great face and good attitude. Except one older Polish girl I didnít try to book too, all other girls are young average Polish girls. There were no stunners, just fuckable girls.

    With only 10 girls, the girls/man customers became a serious issue later in the evening. I guess there were around 50 customers at one moment. The girls are incredible, they manage to entertain all those guys. However, they seem to follow a few rules to be able to handle such a crowd. I have already mentioned a few of them, but it looks clearer to me after a second visit.

    1/ Even if itís public sex on the same bed, itís not a group sex, but a one man/one girl sex. Yes, sometimes a girl gives a helping hand to make a man come faster, but itís literally only a helping hand. You canít switch from one girl to another, and as soon as you have finished fucking one girl, you are supposed to make your break, even if you have not orgasmed.

    2/ Girls donít like to see men not orgasming during sex, as it means he will be ready too fast for the next round. Thatís why they will try to make come at all cost including hand job. I never allowed them to give me a handjob however.

    3/Girls canít stay too long with the same man, so service is very straightforward. However, this rule is not really respected. One younger darkhaired girl enjoyed GFE sessions and stayed for one hour with me including passionate kissing, which is not the norm in partytreff. Another girl seemed to complain about her attitude as it gives more job to the other to entertain the other men. She must be from the hookerís union, as she also complained when she saw I tried to fuck a second girl without making a break.

    4/Girls are supposed to make a break at each session and will not go for a second session before going back to the bathroom. They only might give a helping hand.

    5/Girls canít stay too long for a break, the average allowed time is the time needed to smoke a cigarette downstairs and have a drink.

    6/Girls are the one supposed to chose the partner, which I appreciate for ethic reasons. Sometimes they might just ask to a group of men if someone wants to come, but usually she picks someone out. Men ready for a session wait upstairs in the corridor. Girls seem to take care to chose each time another man, but repeat sessions are possible. I had a repeat session with German Anna, my favorite girl that night. Take care that girls gossip a lot about men and avoid those being identified as rude. A good tip to get chosed is to check when a girl goes back to the bathroom before the next session and take the strategic position right at the bathroom exit and wait for her to come out. Anyway, even on Saturday with a bad girls ratio, I managed to fuck each fuckable girl at least once. Yes, remember, there were three girls I didnít want to session.

    All in all, I had a great night fucking but also social time with other customers and some girls, especially German Anna. Itís not the best place for socializing as I had mentioned it during my first visit, but it is possible as long as there is no language issue. Most Polish girls have very basic German skills and English is non existent. A few girls came naturally towards me on the sofa during their break, which is great. I guess being a regular helps a lot in socializing.

    A great moment is the huge public group sex in the main room at 20H00. Music gets louder, disco lights go on including laser, all girls are downstairs and start an incredible orgy everywhere on the sofa, on the table or on the floor. Hard to describe, everything is possible for a true gang bang. Each man is served until there is no one left anymore. A once in a lifetime experience.

    Compared to my previous visit, I had a better feeling about the place regarding the ethic issues. During my first visit, I felt uncomfortable as the girls seemed to be exploited. There seem to be a better atmosphere now, girls seem to deal with their job and there is also better interaction and social time. On the other hand, I was disappointed about the line-up, no girls had the level of Claudia or Laura. There is definitely a problem of recruiting. PT Dorsten has become such a popular place that the management needs to take care about the bad girlís ratio, else it might go downhill very fast. Other customers complained about it too. A great night to start a FKK tour, but not an unforgeatable night.

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    Oct 2005

    Partytreff Selm

    After a crazy night at PT Dorsten, I woke up in the quiet Hotel Humbert and socialized with brave Germans during breakfast that had not the slightest idea about the orgy I had last night nearby. It adds to the fun, but on the other hand I wonder if we mongerers donít suffer from a kind of schizophrenic syndrome.

    I had not yet decided what to do today. I wanted to try PT Dolce Vitta but was afraid to be disappointed after such a long drive. So I decided to check for the nearby partytreffs, starting with the closest. I was excited discovering new places.

    Partytreff Selm Gewerbegebiet Bork Gutenbergstr. 19 59379 Selm-Bork (Tel. 02592 917108) http://www.partytreff-selm.de. Open from Sunday till Thursday from 10H00 till 0H00, Friday and Saturday from 14H00 till 4H00. Entrance is 99.99Ä and 109Ä on Friday and Saturday with happy hour in Wednesday 89Ä.

    Itís a house in an industrial area, there is a parking nearby. On the parking lot, I noticed a car with a foreign identification. We were both two horny bastard coming from far away waiting exactly at opening time in front of the door. Needless to say, it helps to socialize, especially when it appears that the guy is also an *** member! The tekenfrau was convinced that we came together. She explained the rules, we paid only 90Ä for happy hour and she gave us the towels and lockerís key. I asked for the quantity of girls, and she said that there were 9 girls, but two would probably not work if itís quiet. It looked great, nearly as much as in PT Dorsten but with nearly no customers!

    Also the facilities are impressive, much better than at PT Dorsten. Downstairs is the lockerís room with the showers, but also the relax area with sauna, jacuzzi and massage table. On the main floor is the main meeting room, a living room with sofas, a dance floor and a bar. Buffet is available in the corridor. Unlike PT Dorsten, the sessions are not public but in private rooms, some with doors others with curtains. It looks much cleaner and upscale than at PT Dorsten.

    There were indeed 9 girls with two of them present but not on duty. They are all young and average too, no stunners, just fuckable girls. The difference with PT Dorsten is that girls are dark haired and from different Mediterranean origin, mainly Turkish, Romanian or Bulgarian. There is usually also a Cuban girl available, but she was not present that day. There is only one German girl and she is also dark haired. Personally I like Mediterranean style girls, but those of you looking fro blonde girls might be disappointed. The tekenfrau, an older German girl probably a retired hooker took great care of us during all our stay. I had a nice conversation with her at the bar together with the other German girl.

    The atmosphere is completely different from PT Dorsten, much more casual. Itís not the usual ďHast du lust?Ē routine approach. During all my stay I never sat alone in the sofa, there was always a girl coming next to me discussing. A session starts only after some small talks, like in a FKK. During all the afternoon, there were no more than 7 customers on Sunday. What a difference with the night before in Dorsten!

    It started very nicely. As soon as I entered, I was joined by two girls who offered me to drink and came to sit with me together. We had fun on the sofa and I couldnít decide. No need, they offered me to go to the room for a trio. Great start! My second session was with a nice looking Romanian girl that stayed nearly all the time with me, but in the room she was too mechanic. I later went with the German girl after our chat together at the bar with the Tekenfrau. She had an incredible body and there was an excellent chemistry. The session was truly on FKK level.

    Definitely, PT Selm is a recommendation, much better than the overrated PT Dorsten. I discussed also with a few customers about other Partytreff in the area, and a Dutch guy recommended me to try PT Munster nearby. If I was alone, I think I might have stayed till closing time at Selm, but the *** fellow member convinced me to go together and discover the other club. It might sound stupid to pay twice in one day for an all-inclusive, but the excitement of exploring new territories was more important.

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    Oct 2005

    Partytreff Munster

    Partytreff MŁnster Warendorfer Str. 215 48145 M‹NSTER (Tel. 0251-9730839). Open from Monday till Friday from 11H00 till 23H00, Saturday from 11H00 till 0H00 and Sunday from 11H00 till 22H00. Entrance is 95Ä.

    Itís a regular house in the middle of a city along a major boulevard with a big 215 on it. We arrive in the early evening and the tekenfrau explains us that there are 5 girls available and that the price is 95Ä. We agree and pay each 100Ä. The tekenfrau tells us she will give us the 5Ä later, but I smile as I know from www.hooker.nl that she will not do it. This is the kind of thing that can make a Dutch mad! Itís not a big deal, just consider that the price is 100Ä, which is a bargain anyway.

    The atmosphere and decoration of this house is incredible, imagine the haunted mansion from Disney World! Itís a true old style brothel with low lighting. On the main floor is the lockersí room and the bathroom. It looks like a regular house, as the bathroom has only one shower and one WC. Also, the funny thing is that individual teeth brushes are available as well as Listerine, indicating that kissing seems to be the norm. On the first floor is the main meeting room, more exactly two living rooms with each a U shaped sofa which allows excellent social time with girls and other customers, a bit like at Berndís. A buffet is available in the kitchen but only sandwiches are available, unlike at PT Selm. Action takes place in the bedrooms on the second floor, three bedrooms communicating together which can be described also as one bedroom with three beds separated by curtains.

    Same as at PT Selm, meeting takes place in the meeting room after some small talks before proceeding to the bedroom. Sessions are also of the one girl/one man type, I have noticed no group sex during my stay. Itís not public sex like at PT Dorsten were an audience might look at the action, but the active couples are not visually isolated from each other.

    Atmosphere is casual, everyone sitting together and discussing together on the main sofa. There are only 5 other customers. Also here, I had each time a girl keeping me company between sessions, which is great. There are five girls available: an black Nigerian girl that did not fancy me, a young blonde Russian girl with a nice face but too fat in my opinion and three young slim Hungarian girls. Two of them were pretty, one was the average fuckable type of girl like at PT Dorsten.

    I start discussing first with the average looking one sitting next to me. She looks tired and doesnít seem to like what she is doing. Indeed, she confirms me during conversation that she just has arrived and she has nothing else in mind that going back to see her children again in Hungary. I feel sorry for her, try to be nice and when I feel her being more comfortable invite her for a session. We go upstairs and I try to be very sweat with her. When we start having sex, I notice that she has her eyes closed and her head turned to avoid kissing. She also keeps her legs half closed to prevent me from penetrating too deep. I just canít fuck a girl that doesnít like it, and there are two options: to stop right away or to try to make her feel more comfortable. I decide to give it a try, but it is not easy. Iím not Richard Gere but experience has learned me what the girls usually appreciate in me. One thing is the look of my eyes. Unfortunately, with her eyes closed it will not hep me a lot. Another one is the taste of my kissing. Again, if she avoids my kissing, it will not work out too. A third one is the smell of my skin. Donít laugh, Iím serious! But it works only with females of course. I have noticed it before in a specific situation and decide to check it out on her. There is no better experience than on such a girl that at least is not faking. We are already having intercourse, but on a very small rhythm and on a superficial way as I am prevented to enter deeper. I take care not to try to get deeper by forcing her. From the missionary position, I take her hand in my hand and bring it smoothly on the pillow above her head. On that way, my arm is touching her face, close to her nose. And strangely, once again it works. She seems to smell my skin and presses her nose on my fore arm. I notice on her face that the smell of my skin seems to make her feel more confident. She opens her eyes still smelling my arm, then turns her head to look at me. I look straight into her eyes, trying to be as sincere as possible. She seems more confident too but not enough to kiss. I simply kiss her gently mouth closed, but the taste of the lips seems enough. She again closes her eyes, turns her head and puts her nose to my arm. I then feel her legs opening and her free hand on my back to indicate me that I can enter deeper. I slowly enter deeper each time I feel her pussy becoming wetter. Believe me or not, it worked once again. I donít say she was having the time of her life and I donít say she had a marvellous orgasm, she simply felt comfortable and confident, which is already a great achievement with such a girl, and an excellent lesson for me.

    Fortunately, the sessions with the two other Hungarian girls were not such a pain in the ass. They had great looking bodies and gave great service at FKK level, including DFK. Again this place is a recommendation, even if it lacks in the quantity of girls. It's a great place to spend a couple of hours, not the whole day however. Another good thing is that the pricing includes a free massage from the Thai girl. A great night having sex three times, one massage and drinks for only 95Ä, sorry 100Ä.

    Unfortunately, the club closes at 22H00 on Sundays. I said farewell to the fellow member but could not imagine myself going back to sleep at 22H00 in FKKland. I decided to go for a last session in a Red Carpet Club. I could have gone to Heavensgate as I was at Hotel Humbert, but preferred to discover a new club. I checked on my list, Penelope was only at 30 km for Dorsten and closes at 3H00. Time enough for a last session

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    FKK Penelope

    I arrived at 23H00 after having spend all the day in two other partytreffs. Please take this into account as it might alter my judgement.

    FKK-Club Penelope Hundebrinkstr. 8 45326 ESSEN (Tel. 0201-313514; 0201-325187) www.clubpenelope.de. Open from Sunday au Thursday from 12H00 till 3H00, Friday and Saturday from 12H00 till 6H00. Entrance is 30Ä and pricing is 25Ä for each session and 10Ä additional for BBBJ.

    There is a huge 8 in front of the entrance door. I pay 30Ä and I get 2 towels and my lockerís key. The lockerís room and shower is downstairs, it looks a bit like in a sport club. Downstairs is also a sauna but Iíve seen no customers inside. I guess itís not the main purpose of their visit. I take a shower, put my towel on and go upstairs to get exchange the lockerís key with the safety box key, the safety boxes are upstairs in front of the bar. I take a drink at the bar and check around. Probably 80% of guests are Turkish, as this is the club were they are redirected from the other Red Carpet Clubs. Even the music is Turkish, but donít worry, itís not uncomfortable not being a Turkish. The main room looks like all Red Carpet Clubs: a large place with plenty of sofas everywhere, exactly the same type and colour as in the other clubs, a horrible wall paper and of course the famous red carpet on the floor. Definitely, the decoration is shit. As usual, there is no couch action, no interaction and sitting near a girl is already committing. But here is the good part: there is a great line-up, around 20-30 young girls mostly from Eastern Europe, a few German and a few Turkish. Believe it or not, most are great looking. I guess itís because Iíve spend two days in partytreffs. If the girls in partytreff are 7, the girls here are 8, just like in any other FKK. And guess what, I even notice a 9! What do you think I did? Of course, I approached her.

    Her name is Katharina and she is a 21 years old Polish girl. She has simply a perfect look, imagine the famous Marlene from Samya with a prettier face: petite, slim perfect firm teenage body, long blonde hair, very cute face with blue eyes. Itís sometimes hard to believe what such a girl is doing in such a place. A started small talks with her, but as I expected she very quickly offered me to go to the room. The rooms are great by the way. The session was a disaster. She was not comfortable with me until the condom was safely put on. She then tried to make me come as fast as possible with quick hip movements. But after a dozen sessions during the last hours, it simply hurt me more than it gave me pleasure. I tried to calm her down, get her close to me and kiss her, but there was no way. I preferred to interrupt the session, which she didnít appreciate, and couldnít understand how I could leave the room without cuming. I guess I might have get a better session if I was in a better shape too, but it didnít work out this time, even with the greatest looking girl I have met in all the four clubs.

    I paid, took a shower and went back to the hotel, hoping I would recovering for the next day, as I was supposed to meet Toscana at Goldentime.


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