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    FKK Oase - what a place!!!

    hi new to this site so adding my recent experiences to the site.

    I've just come back from a business trip to Frankfurt. I had heard of one place called Sudfass near the centre. I also saw another place advertised on the side of a taxi (!!!!!!) called the FKK Palace also near the centre. But the cabbie told me that the best place in germany was called the FKK Oase. Unfortunately it was nearly 20 miles from my hotel and cost 100 euros there and back. I wonder why he suggested that (no doubt also got a commission from the brothel).

    To be fair the place was amazing with an unusual set-up compared to London or anywhere else I've been. You pay 65 euro entry fee. you have to put your clothes in a locker and walk around with a towel wrapped around you to protect your modesty. They have a bar which serves free drinks (soft drinks only), a swimming pool, sauna, showers, a porn cinema and a few lap dancing type poles. Its also really clean and the facilities are great.

    I reckon there were around 50 pros milling around (its a big place). the general quality is good (with a few real gems) and no mingers. What I found bizarre was almost all the birds were completely starkers except for high heels. I liked that!!!! I could easily have spent a couple of hours soaking in that sort of atmosphere but I only got there at midnight and had to be up at 5 for my flight home so I had to make a quick "kill".

    I haven't had a blonde for ages so I had that in mind but was approached by an absolute brunette doll. Slim, nice complexion, nice shaped boobs, good legs, great arse, long hair and for my money (literally) she was the prettiest girl there. As she was starkers before negotiations even started I knew exactly what I was getting. She seemed pleasant and didn't strike me as a rip-off merchant so decided on her (though it was hard to say no when the negotiations were conducted with me holding her arse with the occasional snog).

    The prices are apparently standard - for 30 mins bj or sex its 50 euros. If you want both its 100 euros. If you want BJ with CIM its also 100 euros. If you want anal thrown in its 200 euros. I assume for 1 hour prices are doubled.

    Went into one of the rooms (comfortable and mirrored walls) and must say it was one of the best punts I've had in a long time.

    She was a Romanian girl called Bianca and said she was of gypsy heritage - with all the negative connotations they have that might have put some people off but in my experience romany girls are incredibly wild and have a more meditteranean look (I had one off the streets in prague once which cost me 30 euros and she could suck)!!!!

    I had opted for the bbj and cim option so that was 100 euros. started off with passionate snogging (she was great), really teased my nipples with kisses and chewing them (she seemed to know just how to apply the right pressure so it didn't hurt but only tantalised). Then long slow licks of my cock with lots of eye contact and nuzzling of my balls. Once I was hard she did this great thing of smacking my cock against her tongue (like in the pornos). Everthing about the bj was right, pace, pressure, grip - could not fault it.

    thought i was going to shoot too quickly so got her to stop, more snogging, paid lots of attention to her pert boobs, and then ate her out. she had a clean and tasty pussy so i really enjoyed it.

    we took turns giving each other oral in various positions and ended up in a 69 but i wanted to see her take my cum in her mouth so moved to the more conventional position. she took it like a trooper before spitting it out. she then started to suck me off again. she then took a swig of a cold drink before sucking me again - it was a great sensation.

    After the deed, she cuddled up and we shared a cigarette before i went to the locker to give her hard earned cash!!!! Generally also had a good laugh with her throughout the punt. Afterwards had a shower, it was strange with naked birds passing by while i was getting showered but you'll hear no complaints from me!!!!!!

    Overall guess it was expensive. With the entry fee it cost 165 euros so guess its steep but feeling good so not worrying about it too much! Sadly I was in a rush otherwise would have stayed for a couple of hours to soak in the atmosphere and carry out much letchery and that would have been worth the entry fee alone. I reckon it'd be a great place to hang out with friends.

    In hindsight should have gone to one of the central one's to save the huge cab fee (i'm sure i could have unearthed a gem, indeed the one i had said some nights she worked at the FKK Palace) but i've checked a few sites this morning the FKK Oase seems to have the best reputation. The cabbie was scathing about the Sudfaas.

    On the way back, the cabbie was telling me the Oase got its reputation as many of the girls are university educated, they've all got health certificates, no illegal immigrants so no issues with trafickking and if a girl is not performing and punters complain that she's a rip off merchant they kick her out. In fact as i was leaving, reception asked how it was. when i told the cabbie, he said if i'd had a shit service and complained they would have sought an imediate explanation from the bird and then made sure i left happy (i'm sceptical about the last bit but that sounds too good to be true).

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    Thumbs up The truth and nothing but the truth....

    Quote Originally Posted by bewilder
    ....he said if i'd had a shit service and complained they would have sought an imediate explanation from the bird and then made sure i left happy (i'm sceptical about the last bit but that sounds too good to be true).
    Oase is indeed the best, and the cabby gave objective advice, he could have gotten his commission from the Palace or any other club/brothel, they all give cabbies/guides 20 Euro per guest (I rather take the free admission to be with my guests and partake in the festivities).

    These places all open before noon and if the weather is good the outdoor experience in their huge garden (in public view on the lawn, under a canopy or in a tent) is a blast! So the only mistake you made was going so late.

    If you stay all day/night the food, drink and use of facilities (sauna, pool, ect) alone is worth the rather steep admission charge (FKKs in NRW, only charge about 50 euros).

    Only complaint I have as a non-smoker: the place is thick with cigarette smoke as most of the hoes and the punters use nicotine. They could certainly afford a better ventilation system. After all, this is supposed to be a wellness club. -- If they want to save money and promote public health they could prohibit smoking all together.

    This is the only club my guests usually want to visit again on the return trip to FRA.

    Oase has very high standards for treatment of the hoes, too, and they come from all over to operate there, even though they must pay the same as you to be there.

    One morning I saw a girl walking there all the way from the train station in town (4 km) with suitcase in hand just to apply for a vacancy!
    It's LEGAL in Europe! See http://usa-migration.org/FKKguides.html .... PM me for mongering info for Germany, Netherlands and EE.

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    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a good time, and the service seems to have been very good.

    Your price overview, however, is confusing. That said, if you had 30 mins with CIM for EUR 100 you were not overcharged.

    For any other first-timer, the charge is EUR 50 for 30 mins, DFK, BBBJ and sex included. Double for the hour, whether it is 31 mins or 60 mins, so you must keep control over the time. CIM is EUR 50 extra, one-off, that is independent of how long you are in the room. Anal is anything from EUR 50 upwards (free negotiation), again one-off.

    Another cause of misunderstanding: it is the custom that you are committed to a session (i.e. at least EUR 50) as soon as she has your dick in her mouth, but not before.

    Do not tip. The locals do not, any we are really guests in their club.

    If you stay longer than Bewilder did, you will see that the relative cost per session comes down (three sessions DFK, BBBJ and sex without CIM works out at EUR 72 per half-hour), for some of the most beautiful girls you will find anywhere. I submit that that is - on the contrary - one of the best deals in western Europe.

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    Dec 2005
    I agree completely with you.

    The extra 50 euros was for CIM (it was such a long time ago but I still remember vividly). The price was agreed beforehand so was not a surprise.

    It was a shame I could only spend a short time there but on a later visit to Germany I went to Artemis in Berlin and stayed for a few hours and had a couple of girls which I think you need to have as a minimum to make it good value and of course really enjoy the experience.


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