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    Massage Craigslist

    Hey guys,

    Saw this ad in Craigslist:

    Then, saw this ad in massage traders.com:

    Same girl. May be legit only, but looks hot! May try!


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    Aug 2006
    holy shit... i need to learn how to massage!

    taken from her profile:
    What I am looking for
    I am looking for someone (male or female) who I can connect
    with a few times a month to trade massages with. While I am
    an attractive person, I am not looking for anything more
    than a massage partner, so if you are looking for more,
    please do not contact me. These are my needs: I need
    someone who can help me stay healthy- someone who may want
    to have stretching sessions with me before and after the
    massages and will encourage me to maintain a healthy mind,
    body, and spirit. Preferably someone who, if you had never
    had formal training, could intuitively find my problem areas
    and work them out. I need a professional, don't get me
    wrong, but I also need someone with the natural ability to
    heal. I need to feel very comfortable with you. I don't
    want to trade massages with anyone who has negative energy.
    I need a positive massage partner. I need someone who is
    not worn out physically (because I love deep work). I need
    someone who is not worn-out mentally (because I will pick up
    on that and it will not be worth my time). Please e-mail me
    if you feel like we have something to offer each other.


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