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    Cool Visited Sonagachi

    I vivited Sonagahi on 23 Dec 2005. I asked one cab/Taxi driver to take me to Neelkamal, Sonagahchi place. One young taxi driver refused to go there, but then I got other one who was ready to go there. Now this place is inside a small road, which has entrance from a big road, I dont remeber the name of road, but at the entrance of small road there was an Exide battery shop. As soon as my Txai stopped there, one guys asked me - r u for grls? I said ya....and he sat inside my taxi. I was surprised but I m indian and know hindi, so deal with hom and he told me that its better to go with someone and he will take just 20 INR. I agreed and then I asked him to take me only in Neelkamal building.
    Neelkamal has 5 floors and each floor has 6-8 rooms. Each room has 2 grls or sometimes one. The guy took me to all floors and called the grls outside so that I can select from them. The grls there are all kinds good, bad, nice figurs , nice face and all, it depends wat u like. I was looking for someone younger, slim, and good looking. And I got one. I talked to her and asked for 2 dances and 2 shots, she told me 2.5k and then setteled in 2k.
    And now the fun starts, we went into one room withh music system and a bed. Room was clean and ok.Then she asked me 150 INR for room and 20INR for cap. Then after closing the doors she started dancing and pulled me to dance with her. She was wearing saree and deep cut xlouse and was looking very sexy. In next song she asked me to take f my clothes and she took of her and we danced totally nude. After that song we rested for 10 mins laying together in bed. And then we did. and I left safely. While we were resting she asked me that she want to make a phone call from my cellphone but I didnt give my cellphone..........who knows who she is calling and then my no. will be there. And anyhow it was total fun for me and I will visit kolkatta again on my next visit to india.

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    not bad dude...not bad at all...was it safe...wat time did u go...how clean was it...she charged u 2000...

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    contact me dude...when u r in cal next....

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    Calcutta Dude, I was on vacation in India. I work in US, so now going back to US now. I went to NeelKamal during after noon. As one of the taxi driver told me if u dont feel comfortable alone, then just come of sonagachi before 8pm or before dark, then for sure there will be no probs.
    Happy hunting .............
    I had fun during this visit, and will visit Calcutta on next India vist for sure.

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    Oct 2005
    Hi Guys,
    Iam from south india. How safe and comfortable will it be if i dont know Hindi? Any info about other cheaper locs in sona ? I feel neel kamal is a bit costly. Iam looking in the range of 700 - 1000 buks


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    hindi u should know a little...cheaper i dont know...it is the main prostitute area....but i am sure if u look u will be able to get cheaper stuff there....give it a try...no harm in trying

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    Dec 2005
    Hmmm .. it seems to be .. i should inform you a bit about the great Sonagachi !

    If you are new to Kolkata .. you should take Metro (tube rail - this would be most convenient for you) and drop at Sovabazar. Ask for the exit gate towords Gray Street and Central Avenue and follow the way. When you reach the exit gate, you could see a wine shop at the left hand side. Thats the landmark, you have got the right way. If you dont see it, be sure , you have not followed the exact exit gate.

    Now if you have come out through the right way, then cross the Gray Street (narrower road, with tram line), and walk through the Central Avenue (Wider road) toword South. If you see a small temple in just between the Central avenue, understand that you are moving toward north, not south. Turn around and walk towords south. Follow the left footpath to see properly of the Right side.

    After a walk of 2 ~ 3 mnts, you could see a Petrol Pump on the right hand side. The Sonagachi Area starts from here. Walk a bit more, and you would see the Showroom of Exide Batterry, then an another Petrol Pump. Sonagachi area ends here. You could also see the pimps standing over the road , before the Petrol Pumps and Exide showroom. have a cigarratte or a cold drink , be cool and then cross the road for the pimps.

    If you are brand new to Sonagachi, its always adviseable to get a pimp otherwise you could be misplaced. The Neel Kamal is one of the good point, where you can get mostly Marwari Girls, who are nice in look , but wont fulfill any of your fantacies like oral / anal etc. As far as I can remember, the Neelkamal is on a lane on the left hand side if you follow the street at left side of the Exide showroom. If you have much fantacies other than dancing and ... then look for the Bengali or the Nepalese girls .. who are cheap and would give you much value for your money. As far as I can remember, they are on the lanes at the right hand side of the Street LHS beside Exide showroom.

    Better you talk to the pimp directly about your requirements and the money you can pay. As far as my knowledge goes, you can have pussy at even 25 ~ 50/- over Sonagachi.

    It is also advisable to take the condom with you, otherwise you would have to pay much more for it. Dont argue, behave good with the pimps and you should get good service too.

    Give me your feedback , or anything else , I have forgotton to mention ..

    Have a great time bros

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    Jan 2006


    can you post something on the scene in kalighat or other non professional places which are safe. how much the nepali women take for a decent thing. or i heard it is very mechanised...that do your work quick and leave...or does it depend on money?

    how safe are the nepali women in sonagachi

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    Dec 2005
    Where i Can find girl in calcutta to take with me at Digha .any help with telphone number will be great.

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    Dec 2005
    Where I can Find Nice looking girls that can go to digha with me for couple of Days, I am in US and planning to visit Calcutta Soon and like to have some fun. If any body like to join me fine or any body can provide any contact or telephone number, it will be great

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    Jan 2006
    try hanging out at the bars pf park street (someplace else)... u r looking for a GFE i suppose (paid or ounpaid)...

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    Sep 2003
    i will be in kolkata in march. iahve been out of touch. hawk seems to have enjoyed himself in sonagachi. has the local hygiene improved?

    is there a classy place that anyone knows of? may be in salt lake or eastern bypass ? all info would be appreciated.

    if helpful, details will be shared.

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    Jun 2003
    United States

    Sonagachi info

    Locals see red as Sonagachi’s red-light area expands

    Since the beginning of this year, three residential buildings in the neighbourhood have been bought and converted into brothels; no action on complaints

    Ravik Bhattacharya

    Kolkata, December 21:

    A PLACE once frequented by the likes of Bengal’s matinee idols Uttam Kumar and Madhabi Chatterjee, reverberating with the toppa of Ramkumar Chattopadhyay, is now swamped by brothel owners from Agra. Sonagachi, one of the country’s largest red-light areas, is expanding into its adjoining locality, causing concern.

    This is the only place in Kolkata where residential houses located in close proximity to the red-light area for over a century now have to put up a board denoting that it is a “grihaster bari” — indicating that it is normal household and not a brothel. But now, families of Abinash Kabiraj Street, popularly known as Sonagachi, need more than signboards to save their age-old habitat.

    Over the past few years, a number of residential buildings in the area have been bought by the brothel owners. To check this menace, residents have lodged complaints with Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and the Kolkata Police Commissioner, Prasun Mukherjee, through mass petitions.

    “We are looking into the matter,” said Gyanwant Singh, deputy commissioner of police, detective department, when asked about the matter.

    “Our family has been here for over a hundred years — when the street was named Dewan Lane as it was the hub of theatre and cinema personalities. People like Uttam Kumar and Madhabi Chatterjee would visit our homes. Though the area was near Sonagachi, we lived here peacefully. But now, residential houses in the locality are being bought to set up brothels after forcefully evicting the tenants,” alleged Namita Mukherjee, a 65-year-old widow who resides at 5-A Abinash Kabiraj Street.

    According to the locals’ complaints, the brothel owners first bought a four-storey house — 1A Abinash Kabiraj Street — in the beginning of this year. This was converted into a brothel after renovation. This was followed by the purchase of two more houses in the last six months.

    There are around 30 families living in the residential houses near the brothels that have been newly set up, giving rise to serious problems in an area which has a long cultural history associated with names like Ramkumar Chattopadhyay and Biman Mukhopadhyay. Kabiraj Arun Gupta and his late wife Arati Gupta — the first Bengali woman to swim the English Channel — were among the noted residents of the area.

    “Since these brothels now share a common boundary wall with our house, we cannot even open our windows. They are a bad influence on our children. Moreover, we fear the spread of diseases,” said Raja Mukherjee, a local resident.

    “Children of the area are studying at Rabindra Bharati University, Sri Vidyaniketan School and Maharaja Srish Chandra College. Their education is getting disrupted. As social activists, we work for the welfare of prostitutes, but we are against this alarming trend of expansion of red-light areas,” said D Ashis. Complaints to the local Burtolla police station have not yielded any result so far.
    Information is ammunition. Keep the ammunition moving to the front lines. This info brought to you by the Mongering Intelligence Agency. [est. 2005]

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    Bengali Girl


    I met this Girl. I forgot the name. It was Bubbly perhaps. May be wrong but she was great. Damage 3K for 2 Hours.

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    Oct 2006
    Members who r getting good stuff should post contact info i,e atleast the cell no of the girl.


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