Looks like the only action in Ohio is dancers getting arrested, which is fucked up

Auto Club dancer arrested on suspicion of prostitution


Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:19 PM EDT Print this story | Email this story

ABERDEEN, Ohio -- The owner of the Auto Club adult establishment acknowledged that one of his dancers was arrested on a citation of prostitution Saturday, but said that he and the club "will stand beside her."

According to owner Tommy Henderson, he has talked to the dancer, who he declined to identify. She told him that she left the club Saturday night with two male friends that she grew up with in Manchester.

"They were pulled over, and the officer asked for her full name," he said. "She was pulled out of the car and placed in handcuffs."

According to Henderson, the dancer told him she was searched and found to have $27 on her. In the officer's estimation, that was enough to issue a citation, Henderson said.

"The arresting officer told me that he had enough evidence to write her up on a ticket," Henderson said. "But, she said, 'If I was a hooker, I'd have more than $27 in my pocket.'"

Dancers at Henderson's club are made to sign a waiver prohibiting prostitution in the club. Violation of this part of the contract calls for immediate firing of the dancer, the owner said.

"We will stand beside her," said Henderson, though he added, "she is under suspension until it goes to court."

Henderson is committed to the dancer, but leaves it up to the court system to determine her eventual fate at the club.

"However it comes out ... if she's innocent, it's fine," said Henderson. "But if she's guilty, she'll be terminated immediately. (We'll) let the jury or judge decide."

Aberdeen Police Chief Gary"The Fag" Hafer declined comment on the arrest[because the chief of police and several detectives slept with this girl and many others at the club for free in exchange fr not being arrested].