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    Dec 2004

    Lightbulb One woman brothels

    That's the official term for the legalised 'apartment girls' set up.

    I want to report that I've found a bunch of these in the heart of Causeway Bay. Get a cab or an MTR to the New York Cinema, in Causeway Bay Plaza 2. Opposite the cinema, near the 7-11 at 474-476 Lockhart Road is a staircase leading up to an old residential building. On the 6th and 7th floors (probably the others too) are lots of apartment doors with the usual "welcome/ please wait" signs hanging outside. I can report that the girl currently in 7th floor apartment H is HOT and very eager to please.

    I like this set up because it is less likely to be raided than a Mongkok brothel, is cleaner and there's no brothel operator waiting to take his $200 cut. They are also cleaner and newer than Mongkok places, because the girls handle their own tidyup. Without so much skimming from the gangsters and as the girls don't have to prowl around in beauty parades looking for business, prices should be cheaper than Mongkok. I believe prices range from $200 to maybe $350 (about US$40).

    So, now you can get laid for less than the price of a martini and a tab of rohypnol and still not have to cross the harbour.

    Let's use this thread to compile locations and building addresses that contain these businesses.

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    Nov 2005
    hi speedy.....interested in a fuller report of the girl in 7H...!

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    Dec 2004
    7H has now moved to North Point. Look her up, her name is 'baby' on sex141.com. She is well worth it. I have visited her more than any other girl in HK. At one time, she used to give me freebies, but after a while I asked to go back to being a customer. "There's nothing so expensive as that which is given for free".

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    Dear Speedy: Thank you for your informative posts. You seem to know alot about 141 in HK. I am being transferred from BKK to HK. any advice would be a huge help. I started a new thread with questions (link below) because i didn't want to go "off topic" in this one. thanks, lm22


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    I would add to my post above that I will be in HK in Feb for 1 week. If you can answer those questions, it would help in contributing to your thread about "use this thread to compile locations and building addresses that contain these businesses."

    thanks, lm22


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