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    Jul 2005

    Sexcapades in Shenzhen

    Hello Hello my dear friends of WSG.

    I've heard that there is alot of people who is dying to find out more information about Shenzhen?

    Since the information that I'm about to share in this thread is nothing new, I hope that you guys forgive me if I sound too overbearing.

    With my 1 1/2 years stay in Shenzhen, I could share with you guys the information that you're looking for.

    For starters information:

    Please read these thread,


    -> This would be PART II of Sexcapades in SHENZHEN <SSHHA Exclusive Club>

    another one would be;


    -> This would be from 1st April 2005's information upload, based on my 1 year of experience in Shenzhen.

    Happy digging for the comprehensive information in Shenzhen...

    Actually, Shenzhen have alot of fun, all you need to know would be the people and also the guides to bring you around... and all in a very very affordable costing!

    Those who seek, shall find... good luck dear WSG bros.

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    Jul 2005

    PARTY at UBAR, Shenzhen, Jiabin Road 22 July 2005, Friday!

    [Calling all brothers staying in Shenzhen!!!

    If you're keen, there is a MASS ORGY, sorry MASS Party, not ORGY hehehe, it's a BIG PARTY happening in U-BAR.

    There will be a ticket charge of RMB 20, with good prizes to give away, I've heard that first prize is RMB 500, but later will pay back to the management if you buy drinks... hahah...

    Where is U-BAR?

    3rd Storey of Pacific Plaza or 太平洋广场

    Where is Pacific Plaza?

    太平洋广场是在嘉宾路 It's at Jiabin Road...

    And who will be there?

    International pussies, and WSG / Sammyboys etc...

    U BAR is one of those rare places whereby Ang Mos / Blacks / Middle Eastern / Indians / Europeans / Africans / Philippinos / South East Asians / KNN it's like a mini WTO convention there... hahahah

    So, hope to see any Sammyboys there, I'll be there with Raz, special guest star from WSG!

    See you guys on 22nd July 2005, Friday NIGHT, U BAR!!!

    there is special promo, RMB 138 for a Mini Barrel of Carlsberg, 3 Jugs of Beer actually.

    Jack Daniels going at RMB 450 each with 1 free COKE as mixer.

    Beer, cheapest would be Qing Dao small bottle at RMB 18 each.

    Pick girls up in U-Bar easy? I read someone's mind asking,

    It all depends on your Player's Skill Set... if you're good you're good, but there is always BBS and MPs around U Bar... haahahahahahah

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    Jun 2003
    Guys, I can agree that UBAR, VBAR, and Cowboy are fun bars to hang out at, and usually have a good portion of non-Chinese crowd. However, don't be misled to think its an orgy. You need to speak Chinese in order to bang girls, and if you can speak Chinese why not bang cheap hookers, or you can pick up Chinese girls anywhere. Don't get me wrong, these are fun bars to hang out at, but don't be misled to think you're guarenteed pussy here (unless you can speak Chinese).

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    Jul 2005
    I definitely agree with pez1847, I do know alot of people who speaks great Mandarin, like my dear friend Razspewtin, he speaks excellent madarin for a westerner...

    and he get chicks easily.

    I dunno about you guys, but chinese girls seems to be more attracted to white & black males coming to China.

    I'll start to import more information about Shenzhen.

    Hopefully it's useful for you guys, I'll try my best to organise the information in proper order and so that I hope that this humble thread becomes 'THE GUIDE' for Shenzhen.

    Cheerios WSG bros!

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    Jul 2005
    For this posting, the title is "PEOPLE in Shenzhen", this post hopes to discuss on the people, and the make up of Shenzhen. FOR YOUR OWN INFORMATION.

    Dear WSG Readers,

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyal and faithful support for this new thread.

    But I realized that Airbrush is wrongfully being zapped... Can any kind Readers/Brothers help up Airbrush back to his original 21 points?

    This article is focused on discussing on people in Shenzhen.

    With my short 1 year plus of experience dealing with locals in Shenzhen, I believe that it is highly critical for our dear readers & brothers to understand the people in Shenzhen cold.

    First, I must declare that Shenzhen is not like Sillypore.

    Honestly, the first time I am in Shenzhen, I have mistaken that this is like Sillypore, where everything is nice and orderly, and well organised.

    Another thing is that you must remember while chionging in Shenzhen is, never never never ever bring your Sillypore mentality to Shenzhen, it'll be dangerous, and harmful, both to your life and pockets.

    Background Information:

    Shenzhen is estimated to have a population base of 6 to 7 Million people, movable and immovable inclusive.

    90% of the population are from different parts of China.

    10% or less of the population are from Shenzhen, which mostly are Farmers, and Villagers, and most of these Farmers have became instant millionaires when the government bought back their lands for development in the early 80s. What the Farmer do with their land is that they re-develop it into what they call, Farmer's / Villager's Quarters, fucked up design, back to back of each other, the living quarters are a common site in Shenzhen.

    Wealth Distribution;

    Quote from Yahoo News - China

    "The survey, which polled 54,000 urban and rural households, found China's richest 10 percent had disposable income 11.8 times greater than the lowest 10 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2005.

    Due to the past few decades of suppression from Communism thinking, people in China were brought up in a very harsh and depressing environment.

    When China have changed it's concept to Free Market / Capitalism form of thinking, the floodgate is opened, and it's possible to have 'Rags to Riches' stories in Shenzhen!

    During the early 80s, while Shenzhen is still at it's early development, there were huge demands from almost anything!

    (did you know that the First McDonalds in China is actually built in Shenzhen, Dong Men? 1990) - Interesting fact for your consideration.

    A business teacher once taught me this sentence, " In China, Everything is NEGOTIABLE!" You know what? he is so fucking damn right!

    There were indeed many success stories.

    Hearing of such stories, many many migrants from all over China travelled from North, North East, West, East West, and also nearby localities.

    Here are the most common people that I've met; people from;

    1. Guang Dong ( Of course )

    2. Hu Nan

    3. Hu Bei

    4. Si Chuan

    5. Chong Qing

    6. Gui Zhou

    7. Guang Xi

    8. He Nan / He Bei

    9. Dong Bei, Ji Lin, Hei Long Jiang, Da Lian

    10. Inner Mongolia

    11. Jiang Su / Zhe Jiang

    etc... so, you see my dear readers, Shenzhen is really like NEW YORK OF USA.

    Shenzhen is a FREE PLACE, a place of dreams to be fulfilled.

    Not like Beijing or Shanghai, where the locals there have a long history of culture and alot of snobs that look down on immigrants.

    Honestly, I don't really like Shanghai, because of it's snobbish culture, nor Beijing, same reason too.

    You'll realized that in Shenzhen, the service in good restaurants are very attentive and prompt, in fact you'll be amazed! In Sillypore, you can only get this kind of service in expensive restaurants.

    People in Shenzhen are HUNGRY for SUCCESS, and to them, SUCCESS equals MONEY.

    So, you see my dear readers, the stories of success is spreaded by word of mouth by so many, and many immigrants came from all over.

    Now for the FUN PART:

    You'll never run out of supplies of GIRLS in Shenzhen... ha ha ha....

    And the stocks are from all over CHINA.

    But remember, never get involved with the GIRLS in Shenzhen, unless you're fucking sure of what you're doing. Relationship I mean, especially to FLs, MP Girls, BBS Girls, KTV Girls etc.

    Imagine this, the earning differences;

    If you can only earn RMB 500 as a factory worker in Shenzhen, why not work as a FL, MP, BBS, KTV and maybe earn RMB 1000 to RMB 10,000 for some per month???

    See the trade arbitage?

    Shenzhen is very much money driven society, and truely, very difficult to find true brothers and friends in Shenzhen.

    There is always an air of mistrust in Shenzhen, which I could not explain.

    People in Shenzhen will do all sorts of things to achieve their means.

    So, I advise with my sincere heart, don't TRUST anyone in Shenzhen!

    Never believe sob stories from STRANGERS.

    The girls in MP, KTV, BBS, FLs will tell you fantastic sob stories to make you feel for them, but all they want is your MAO TZE DONG RED NOTES! hahaha...

    So, when you are here in Shenzhen for tours, always keep yourself on 100% high alert.

    There are alot of Pick Pockets, Thiefs, Gangsters in Shenzhen...

    Low profile always, and never be too cocky.... just come here with a Hit and RUN mentality, and you'll be alright.

    I have a buddykenna conned by a pretty girl on a period of 6 months, over RMB 20,000 ! The girls use emotion to con guilible Sillyporeans.

    Honestly, can't blame them, because in the past history of Shenzhen, alot of Irresponsible HONG KONG fuckers, came to Shenzhen to Bao Er Nai, fuck their girl friends, make them pregnant and disappear...

    So, the mentality of the girls have evolved to be super street smart! So, if you think you're smart, think again, the girls are more experienced player than you think.

    What I strongly believe is SHENZHEN is the truest land of opportunities!

    And if you're hear for pleasure, congratulations to you, as you'll be able to find all the girls of China in one place, and all the fun at a reasonable price!

    And if you're hear for business, congratulations to you too, as this is the Singapore of early 80s, to late 90s...

    China growth rate is phenonmenal, sustainable at least 10% compounded growth rate for the next 10 years at least!

    Look out for more real information posting! I love SHENZHEN!

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    Jul 2005
    This post is to share the information about the highly acclaimed CLEAN Massage Palour in Shenzhen... Called Queen Spa & Dining, posh & excellent place, do not expect any bonks there, because there aint any there, but you could get a fantastic relaxation there! I guarantee it!

    FR Additions for Brother Airbrush's Queen Spa.

    FYI Oakleyeug,

    If you're in Shenzhen, YOU MUST try Queen Spa!

    If all Spas are graded like Hotels, Queen Spa & Dining would be a 6 STAR SUANA!

    If you don't believe, ask around your CP Events buddies, they will have the first hand experience. Rainman have posted a FR on Queen Spa & Dining too.

    I will not describe in detail of the inner place of Queen Spa, because it'll spoil the fun of your own discovery! Believe me, when I was there the first time, I was totally awed, my Business Teacher brought me there.

    Services you can have in Queen Spa & Dining;

    1. Computer Internet Services (For you to post FRs, hahaha)

    2. Snooker Table (but the charges is extorbidant) + Table Tennis Tables

    3. Dining Area ( I didn't try it, but my teacher told me that the HOT POT was good)

    4. Foot Massage / Bumming Around Corner with personalized TFT 15" TV per resting arm chairs [ with unlimited supplies of a wide assortment & variety of fruits, no charges, eat all you want]

    5. Steam bath, dry sauna, SPA Pools for men, women, & Central Pool for men & women to get together (NOW THE CENTRAL POOL YOU CAN OBSERVE THE GALS Sexy body!!! but don't stare okay, because those birds are usually BAO by people, you'll never know whose girl you're looking at... hahahaha)

    DAMAGE: RMB 200 minimum with 10% Tax, and with additional services is billable in accordance to their itemized price list, which can be referenced from the entry point of Queen Spa & Dining. This price includes 2 hours of massage, and 24 hours of bumming around in the Spa, in fact, you can survive there, by eating fruits... hahahahaha.

    Like what brother Airbrush says, it's a clean place, so if cannot tahan, PCC in toilet... hahahahaha. But there is always BBS near by in Xiang Xi Cun... go reference my previous FRs, and you'll know what I mean.

    How to go there?

    It's located at 向西村,Xiang4 Xi1 Cun1, nearest to BetterOle 毕打噢 Bi4 Da3 Ou4, KTV, which happens to be the best KTV in Shenzhen, with expensive KTV girls Price range is 3-?-10/15

    Why middle is ?, because what I understand is that the girls don't quote 1 shot, they always quote overnight, and why 10/15, it depends on how much the girl like you, if they like you, or view you as a potential sugar daddy, then maybe give you discount, for 10, but if they treat it as a business transaction, then it's 15 for you, sometimes, if they are disgusted with you, they'll quote higher than 15 as a deterent.

    Now where is Xiang Xi Cun?

    With reference from the Luo Hu Customs, by taxi, it's only about less than RMB 15 to reach to Xiang Xi Cun via 春风路,Cun1 Feng1 Lu4, it'll be less than 7 minutes ride to reach there.

    Suggested Iteniary to maximize your $$$ & FUN in Xiang Xi Cun.

    1. Dinner around Xiang Xi Cun, alot of hot pots, and goodies, take you time to select. Damage RMB 50 per person for a good meal! 1900Hrs to 2000Hrs

    2. Go for a QUICK FUCK at Xiang Xi Cun's BBS, slowly jalan jalan, and select your bird. Damage RMB 150 per shot. 2100Hrs to 2200Hrs.

    3. Go to BetterOle and go to the third floor for massive drama and excellent entertainment! I must write a FR to describe this, but later.
    Damage RMB 40 for just 1 beer, drink slowly!!! hahahaha, they will push you to buy more, but just cook up excuse say you've drank alot else where. 2200Hrs to 0000 midnight.

    4. Go next door, just left of BetterOle is Queen Spa & Dining, and have a good real massage!!! Damage: estimated RMB 250
    & you can sleep there! it's really comfortable, the service people make you feel like you're a king! queen (for ladies reader), or prince or princess, you know what I mean.

    Total Damage for this suggested iteniary: RMB (50+150+40+250) = RMB 490!


    What can you do with RMB 490 in Singapore? 1 Fuck with a PRC FL, that's all.

    So, my dear readers, I will begin to share with you tactics on how to maximize your time, money and FUN!!! from now onwards.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it.

    [By the way, please help me up Airbrush points back to 21, because I think he is wrongly zapped by some people, Airbrush is a highly trustworthy brother, and I really like him, please help me, as a motivation for me to write more SOLID FRs for your viewing pleasure]

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    Here is the first FR that I've posted.

    Hi guys!

    Here's a FR for you guys;

    If you guys think that the China babes in Geylang are pretty, then welcome to my FR in Shenzhen.

    I was deployed to Shenzhen on early 2004, and only recently came back to Singapore early 2005).

    On Feb 2004, I report to a Shenzhen Manager then. He picked me up from the Hong Kong International Airport, and our trip begins.

    My Shenzhen Manager told me this, "I think you'll fall in love with Shenzhen."

    My reply, "Er... Why?" <--- I was quite a dumbass then...

    Shenzhen Manager, "Let me show you when you are in Shenzhen."

    To cut the long story short, let me share with you some geography of Shenzhen...

    The main city district of Shenzhen is called, Luo2 Hu2

    This place is just north of Hong Kong, and it's the hottest place in town.

    The next hot district of Shenzhen is called, Fu2 Tian1

    This place is just west of Luo2 Hu2

    & Last happening district of Shenzhen is called, She2 Kou3.

    Introduction for Luo Hu.

    For a fucking good time in Luo Hu, there are the following options.

    1. Apartment Based Sex Shops --->

    A residential estate, that is situated on a road called You3 Yi1 Road.

    Usually, around that region, there would be canvassing managers (Pimps) to ask you this, "Xian Sheng, Ni Yao Xiao Jie Ma?" ---> which means, Mister, would you like a girl... and if you say yes, they'll escort you to their block...
    And bring you to a small apartment, with 2 rooms inside.

    Then as you sit down in this run down "residential home", the Canvassing Manager would hurriedly make a few phone calls to ask for the ladies to come for your selection.

    (Note that the Xiao Mei Mei are shared resources in that area, as usually, per residential home can house up to 4 call girls at late nights)

    And you take your pick...

    Advise: (If you want to ensure that you have a good time fucking, don't select too fast... make eye contact with the girls, and see which one is SMILING at you!)

    My experience have shown me that, if I get a girl that is NOT SMILING, I'm guaranteed to have a fucking lousy fuck!!!

    If the girls doesn't meet your criteria, just tell the Canvassing Manager, and she'll (usually it's a female) help you change another batch till you're satisfied with a selection.

    Hey, this place is not like Geylang, no time limit okay. If you are blessed with a good control technique with no premature ejaculation, then you're welcomed to fuck the girl for as long as you like...

    The usual standard procedure goes here;


    Go for shower, (so that the girl can access if she's fucking with a rotten dick, smeared with STD or not)

    And then to the room...

    In Shenzhen, it all depends on the girls whether they want to suck your dick or not... it's not a standard practise there.

    & usually, if you do get a BJ, it's not satisfying, so, I'll rather forgo this.

    Here are the dynamics of the girls;

    Since Shenzhen is the 3rd wealthiest City of China, naturally, there are alot of pretty girls from all over China to mine for GOLD (that's right, your RMBs!!!)

    Shenzhen is just like Singapore, an immigration city...

    The girls are usually from; Hu Nan, Hu Bei, He Nan, He Bei, Si Chuan, Chong Qing, Guang Dong, Guang Xi, Yun Nan. These Provinces can be considered as the surrounding region of Shenzhen.

    The girls' age varies from 16(YES, 16!!!!) to 25(that's the oldest girl I've done), but most of the time, it's 18, 19, 20, 21, 22s...

    Believe it or not, most of the China babes have big tits! I dunno, but probably in Singapore the hot weather have shrinked our girl's tits.

    And usually, the skin of the girl is smooth and white.

    As these girls are usually from the inner cities of China, they can be shy at times... but that's where the fun is, just don't go straight to the fuck.

    I've developed a way to ensure that you'll enjoy yourself.

    Talk to the girl in a gentle manner, and NEVER ask them why they are working as a hooker (only dumb assess like to ask such questions).

    Tell her, " i'll be your boyfriend for the next 1 or 2 hours "

    I guarantee you! You'll be surprise to find the response...


    Be creative, and play with their tits, simultaneously using your free hand to stimulate her pussy (if you don't treat her gently and nice in the first place, she'll treat you like a customer, and she'll reject you from touching her!).

    And WALLAH!!! you have a WET WET WET PUSSY!!!

    Don't put your dick in yet...

    Enjoy yourself, sucking their big tits, and still playing with her pussy

    [Warning; do not attempt to lick their pussy!!!, any way, it's your tounge]

    And if you're all ready to go, it's almost automatic that they'll put the condoms for you (as I say, most girls are rather inexperienced, so I suggest you put in the condom yourself).

    The girls there have a wide range of skill level.

    Sometimes if you're (lucky or unlucky, depends on how you look at it), you'll get a girl who have just started working as a Xiao Jie. (Don't expect virgins there, as it'll usually cost about RMB 5000, for virgins at least)

    My best experience at the apartment would be to look for girls that;

    1. SMILE at YOU
    2. Have a great body, with nice smooth skin
    3. Does not smoke (although I smoke, I hate the breathe of the girls)
    4. Have that magic chemistry
    5. Fuck with you as if you're the last man on earth
    6. Didn't ask you to "HURRY UP!!!"
    7. Have a dripping wet, horny pussy
    8. Is < 22 years old
    9. From Chong Qing, Si Chuan, Hu Nan or Hu Bei.

    Finally, after the fuck, it's payment time (in singapore, it's T/T in advance), but in China, it's COD (Cash on Delivery)

    The Mamasan or Canvassing Manager would then smile with you, and you'll have to be automatic (usually they wouldn't ask you to pay such and such price)

    The PRICE is RMB 150 [ about SGD 30 ] of course if you feel guilty, and want to give TIPS, Remember, give TIPS in the ROOM with the GIRL, not in front of the Mamasan, else MAMASAN TAKES the girl's TIPS.

    If you want to go for better quality girls, the range can be up to RMB 1500!!! Yes, FUCK! RMB 1500 per night for a pussy!!! only stupid fuckers go for that.

    ii. "Baber Shops" ---> that does not have scissors, but just sexy beautiful girls waiting to be fucked by you.

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    Glad that some of you guys enjoy it...

    In Luo Hu, there's alot of "Baber Shops without scissors" scattered around there.

    Mainly these baber shops are targetting the Horny Hong Kongers, which is just south of Luo Hu (Hong Kong is Directly south of Shenzhen, Luo Hu is the district of Shenzhen).

    A little bit of geography of where you can find these "baber shops"


    i. Cai Wu Wei, near Jing Tang Jie (it's about 5 minutes taxi ride from the Luo Hu Immigration Customs)

    ii. Xiang Xi Chun, connected by Jia Bin Road & Chun Feng Road, less than 5 minutes taxi ride from Luo Hu Immigration Customs.

    iii. And alot more other locations in Luo Hu (just that I've not been to that many places in Luo Hu yet...)

    How to identify which baber shops is it? (FUCKING SIMPLE!!!)

    The set up of Fuck Shops in disguise by a Baber Shop facade is;

    i. Nobody is cutting their hair (maybe pubic hair, i dunno, hehe...)
    ii. Thus, you DO NOT SEE any hair on the Baber Shop at all.
    iii. There is a few couches, whereby the girls are all dressed sexily, make up that is a dead give away.
    (I personally recommend that if you want to see sexy dressing, go during SUMMER, during the Winter Season (usually from October till March), they would put on more clothes, so... can't assess their body before hand)
    iv. The lighting is usually in dimmed pinkish colour. Another HINT.
    v. When you are there, a MAMASAN would invite you to come and sit down.
    vi. ALL the girls will look at you, if you are young, but if you're old, fat and ugly, then just too bad.

    Now the dynamics of the girls,

    (Apartment Sex Shops), it's the same type of girls from all over china.

    Use the same method to select your girl,

    1. Eye Contact
    2. Observe which girl is SMILING at you (SWEETLY!)
    3. Decide which one you want...

    Usually, they'll have a room nearby the baber shop (less than 1 minute walk), and it's COD (Cash On Delivery)

    It'll be better if it's the first time you visit the Baber Shop that you talk to the mamasan about the pricing. (Usually there is no canvassing managers, nor pimps asking you to the baber shops)

    The fair price there is RMB 150 for a fuck, and any specials like blow jobs is usually not packaged... but it can be different if you treat the girl gently.

    If you become a regular fucker in one place, you can get a discount of up to RMB 30, thus, NET price is RMB 120 [NOTE, you MUST BE REGULAR!]

    Here is the breakdown of the quotations,

    i. RMB 50 for the mamasan
    ii. RMB 100 for the girl
    iii. TIPPING is solely up to you (sometimes the girls ask for tips---> AND FUCK, when that happens, I DON'T GIVE. I'll usually give when I had a good fuck)

    The usual procedure happens, what we singaporeans say, SOP.

    1. Undress in room
    2. Go for shower
    3. back to the room

    As there is no time rule there, you can take your fucking time to fuck the girl... REMEMBER fellow fuckers, Shenzhen is NOT SINGAPORE, no need to rush.

    TIP: As you going with the girl to the bed, you can always tell her this, "I hate people to rush me, please DO NOT ASK ME TO HURRY UP!!!"

    When you do that, the girl will always oblige. & at least you'll ensure that you do not hear those irritating complaints (Hey, we fuckers, pay money to have a good time, to satisfy our MALE URGE, our MALE Fantasies)

    Be gentle with the girl, and she'll treat you nice...

    The usual turnover of the workforce in the industry of sex in shenzhen is usually 3 to 4 months for the Baber Shops & Apartment Sex Shops.

    Most of the girls simply cannot work that long as Hookers, as to what I've found out... the SUPPLY is due to Poverty (feeling guilty?, NOT FOR ME!)

    So, the supply of sex always in excess to the demand of sex, so, you'll always get bargain prices, hehe....

    Range of girls, wide variety.

    Tall ones, Short ones, skinny ones, fat ones, pretty ones, totally average ones...

    Those that are UGLY are naturally screened out by the sex market in shenzhen.

    The best fuck I had with a Baber Shop girl was in Cai Wu Wei Chun.

    She had;

    i. Nice big tits,
    ii. Was 19 years old,
    iii. SMILED sweetly at me, when I make eye contacts to all the rest of the girls.
    iv. is about 1.65m tall,
    v. gives me a GF feeling.
    vi. talks to me gently (in china, the women speaks very RUDELY, and things that comes from their mouth is worst than that of our Ah Lians, I'm referring to the babershops especially)
    vii. have smooth but dark skin.
    viii. Had a wet pussy!
    ix. Told me this, "It's really wonderful making love with you, as I always hope to have macho man like you. I mean, I could have fun with you and make some money "

    So, if you're in Shenzhen for a long time, I suggest you move around and explore the Babershops, sometimes you can get the one of the best looking girls... but best looking girls may not have the best attitude! (I've some bad experiences, which I'll share in my other parts....)

    Okay, accounts receivables time...


    RMB 150 for first shot

    RMB 200 for first shot (if you want to bring her back to your place NEAR BY for a fuck, but you can cheat by dragging the foreplay time, sometimes, the girls wouldn't mind, it's all up to you)

    RMB 400 for overnight (can negotiate if you go to babershops at about 2 to 3 am, that price would be RMB 300, don't be guillible singaporeans, NEGOTIATE!)

    baber shops are usually open 24 hours!!! so, if you're ever feeling horny, visit your nearest babershop.

    Advise, there are some baber shop that meet my discription, but only difference is that the girls are in uniform.

    These services are different, the maximum service there is just a Hand Job, and it's about RMB 30 for Hand Job. [that's about SGD 6]

    Note; no fucking with these girls, the PIMP would advise you outside.

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    Fu Tian District is right at the heart of Shenzhen, however, as compared, the main actions in town is still in Luo Hu.

    I was staying in Fu Tian for near to a year... and during these period, I've been scouting around for some places to deposit my genes.

    There are about 4 main localities in Fu Tian that have actions, I'll break it down for your reference.

    1. Sha Zui, Sand Mouth (As what other guys in the other thread mentions, it's about 20 to 30 minutes Taxi ride from Luo Hu Customs Checkpoint)

    2. Xia Sha, Lower Sand (It's actually in the same cluster location as Sha Zui, just 5 minutes by Taxi, and probably 10 to 15 minutes walk from Sha Zui)

    3. Shang Sha, Upper Sand (It's just adjacent to Xia Sha)

    4. Fu Xing Road, Lucky Star Road (It's about 10 to 15 minutes tax from Luo Hu Customs Checkpoint)

    1. Sha Zui, Sand Mouth.


    I've read some writers introducing that there were 1000 girls wanting your sperm, that's an exaggerating statement.

    The truth of the place is that it's basically alot of back alleys.

    Imagine Geylang's back alleys, and then think of one back alley and multiply it by 20.

    Each alley, there would be alot of fuck shops in disguise.

    It's actually a dead give away.

    There would be "Fashion Shops" selling a miserable selection of ladies wear with alot of sales assistant, dressed sexily with make ups thick... and perfume smelling strong.

    There would be "Convenient Stalls" selling a miserable selection of tidbits, drinks, condoms etc, with sales assistants sitting around.

    There would be the classic "Baber Shops without Scissors"

    There would be Apartment based sex shops, all in the alley!

    There would be Canvassing Managers scattered around the alley, all asking the classic questions, "Psst, Wei!, Xian Sheng, Ni Yao Xiao Jie Ma?", Translated "Psst, Hi!, Mister, Would you like a girl?"

    This place is basically an orgy of Sex Paradise, and the assortment of girls, I can boldly claim, from ALL OVER CHINA!!!

    Of course, this entire place is complimented with real amenities like, Sex Toys shops, with all kinds of assortments of condoms, ranging from thinest condoms to ribbed condoms, straberried flavoured to chocolate flavoured.

    There are restaurants selling Hong Kong Styled dishes (note, the main clientele base for GEYLANG of Shenzhen, Sha Zui, is Horny Hong Kongers)

    DVD shops, where you can get pornos, and movies of your choice, at 8 to 10 RMB each depending on your negotiation skills.

    Of course, with Pubs & KTVs (these are lower grade Pubs & KTVs)

    Saunas, Health Clubs, etc... but WTF, the girls are all over!!!

    Freelancers are everywhere too, but becareful of freelancers, it's better to do it with those Fixed location girls for your own FUCKING SAFTY.

    There are the love motels (not many actually, you MUST register to check in, and they DO NOT ALLOW hookers to stay in ---> only on dangerous period, YAN DA -> Strict Season (whereby police are on the ball to cut down on prostitution)

    Let me explain a little about YAN DA, it's the season whereby the Police have to do something to explain to their superior, the Police Commissioner, and it's the Police Commissioner that reports to the Governor, and the Governor to the central government in Beijing.

    These period are Just before Chinese New Year, Just before China National Day, usually 1 month before (1st till 7th October)

    Just before any important season...

    Usually, YAN DA last for 1 to 2 months MAXIMUM!!!, after that, all hell break loose.

    You must check out the YAN2 DA3 before you go, else, you'll be caught!!!

    Now for the pricing,

    Due to the highly competitiveness of this place, there's somehow already a price agreement, it's standard pricing RMB 150 for 1 shot.

    COD, pay after you fuck.

    Based on my best experience, when I was bringing my buddy to Sha Zui, we explored the alleys, and both of us was getting horny, and then a Canvassing Manager approached us and ask us the classic question, "Xian Sheng, Ni Yao Xiao Jie Ma?"

    There is it, we've followed this Canvassing Manager to her base camp, and boy, what a sight, she have brought us to the inner heart of Sha Zui, it's near a wet market, and for those newbies (they'll never be able to find this hidden paradise).

    Same situation, all girls are shared resources for the Apartment Based Fuck Shops. There were like over 30 girls standing around us... what a feeling... and all looking at you as if they want your sperm (but actually, they want your RMB!!!)

    And as we walked up to the mamasan's / canvassing manager's apartment, about 20 of the girls followed us... it's one hell of an unbelievable experience.

    Then mamasan asked, "so, which of these girls would you like?"

    I ask my buddy first, (boy, my buddy had a fucking hard time selecting the wide variety of girls!!!!, and finally he have selected a girl)

    Now it's my turn, and it's damn hard to select, (at that precise moment, I wished that I could have a dick that can be so solid and could fuck all of them at once, but that's gonna cost me alot of RMBs, shucks...)

    I've used my same technique again, but this time, I have a quite alot smiling...

    Then, I just make a choice.... and the fun begins.

    FR for the girls;

    As mentioned, THIS IS LIKE GEYLANG OF SHENZHEN, i've only fucked there < 5 times, so, it's actually your luck if you bumb into a lovely chick.

    My buddy rated it 8 out of 10 for his experience, and I was glad about it...

    Then as we took a taxi, and I've escorted him back to his hotel...

    Both of us still horny, and talked about that amazing experience.

    We've proceeded to RVB bar in Crowne Plaza (it's a "6" Star Hotel of Shezhen at Fu Tian, just near Window of the World Metro Station.

    He was happy, and treated me with a beer or two, and we've proceeded to have a party, and some girls approached us...

    TO CUT THIS DUMB ASS STORY of what happened next,

    we've end up having sex with the girls, my friend taking the room, and I took his toilet, and both of us,ended up RMB 1200 EACH!!! FUCK!!!

    I was a fucking dumbass!!! the moral of the story is, find out if they are hookers first, it's not so simple that they'll just come and have fun with you.

    It's not that both of us are handsome or what, we are just average blokes.

    So, my horny fellow fuckers, find out before you do anything... it's important to confirm the facts with some guides.

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    Now this is PART IV,

    Sexcapades in Shenzhen IV(FuTian District part II)


    Hey fellow chiongsters, after posting this information, I feel somewhat a little encouraged, yet discouraged...

    If my information is useful in anyway for you, would anyone give me an endorsement of upping my points?

    Thanks for the endorsement of the information that I provide is correct. I must admit, I have not fully explored Shenzhen yet, as it's like 2 times the size of Singapore, and estimated to have 4 to 5 million people residing there.

    Okay, back to FuTian District part II.

    The main focus of this Field Report would be on two localities;

    Xia Sha & Shang Sha (Lower Sand & Upper Sand)

    Since the make up of the place is almost the same, I'll concentrate on Xia Sha, as compared, it's more happening than Shang Sha.

    Anways, it's just adjacent to each other, if you don't believe me, you can always move to the other side to explore.

    Generally speaking Xia Sha have the highest concentration of Health Clubs, Massage Palours.

    It's also targetted to the Hong Kongers.

    Imagine this, while walking just a few steps, you'll see Massage Palours on your left, your right, and what a scene!

    In fact, you can find that there are Massage Palours back to back of each other...

    The street that is the MOST HAPPENING is called Xia Sha Jie. (End of Xia Sha Jie is connected to Shang Sha)

    Xia Sha Jie would consist of MPs, HK Styled Restaurants, Medicine Halls (selling condoms), convenient stalls, occassional baber shop (but those girls there are UGLY!), and uniformed baber shops (HJ, RMB 30), if you explore deeper, there are Apartment Based Fuck Shops, the girls are hidden, once a canvassing manager asked me to examine their wares, I had a big shock as all out of sudden, 10 to 12 girls appeared from nowhere... and I chickened out...

    I'll share with you how to maximize your RMBs when you are there, so here is my experience.

    The most important question you have to ask is this;

    Out of so many Massage Palours, which one is the most suitable for me?

    [There are almost over 20 selection to choose from!]

    Here are my guidelines;

    1. Exterior of the Massage Palours (If you see the exterior is run down, forget it)

    Usually, the exterior would tell you what's the condition of the rooms inside.

    2. The welcoming wagon

    If you notice that the welcoming ladies in the main door are UGLY, forget it!!! you can leave without question.

    Sometimes, you may get to see the Masseurs welcoming you at the door too, it's a good chance that you can screen the quality of the girls.

    3. The decor of the reception

    If you notice that the decor of the reception is excellent, well well well, you can expect that the room is the same too.

    So there you have it, 3 simple guidelines to find a good place for yourself.

    You may ask, does all of the place there allow you to have your genes deposited?

    You must be kidding, Xia Sha is a well known place for sex massage palours... they provide all sorts of massage services.

    usually, they are 3 kinds of massage service, 1. Chinese Styled, 2. Thai Styled, 3. Japanese Styled, ocassionally, there are some that offer 4. French style (never know what the hell is that)

    Okay, before I continue, the price breakdown;

    Massage; RMB 60 to RMB 248 depending on what kind of room you're asking for.

    For small rooms w/o toilets, it's about RMB 60 (for run down places) for 2 hours massage.

    For king treatment with toilets that have steam bath and a king sized bed, it's about RMB 248 for 2 hours of massage.

    Take note, if you go for the smaller rooms, there are no guarantee that the doors could be locked! So, paying low prices have it's risk.

    But usually, a room that is about RMB 128 would have a toilet, and it's good enough! (I'll suggest that you bring your own condom, as the condoms that they use is all fucked up quality... you don't want to have a child there right? neither do you want to have a free gift[STD])

    Okay, for the girls,

    There is two kinds of service, 1. HJ (RMB 100 CASH - COD), 2. FJ (RMB 300 CASH - COD)...

    So, it all depends on what kind of fun you like, the HJ is quite fun, as they would use oil to rub your dick, and sometimes, they use one hand to rub your balls with oil, and the other hand to massage your hot rod...

    (Sometimes, it's better than sex)

    And as they are rubbing your hot rod, you can touch them everywhere... but usually they wear 2 or 3 layers of underwear!!! (UUURRRGGH!!! FUCK!)

    But that's where the fun is right?

    So, decide for yourself for that night, either you get a Oily HJ or a FJ, decide first.

    If you want to know what kind of FJ you're going to have, please refer to Sexcapades in Shenzhen earlier, the girls are all the SAME.

    There are of course the top gal in the facility... unfortunately, you can only select one at the time...

    Please exercise your right, when the massuer is not to your standard, you can change till you get the one that you like...

    Another way is to pay RMB 10 tips to the guy who is coordinating the girl for you... tell him your specifications.

    If you go for 3 hours of straight massage (charges applies), you're welcome to stay in the facility till 12 noon! just like a hotel

    But the girl only stay with you for how long of the massage you've requested.

    If you find this information useful, hey brothers, encourage me leh, write something, or up me some points...

    Have fun, and chiongster while you still can afford to, both in cash, and health.

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    From my friend, GINCHARM, now we are very good buddies in Shenzhen!

    GINCHARM adds in his valueable advise into the postings, and I seriously urge you guys to consider what he says seriously, because his information is highly accurate.

    Bradder sperminator - congrats - very vivid and detailed accounts of SZX - WELL DONE!! its a pity you are back in sgp now and hope you will provide more locality guides in future - be it szx or other scenes.

    And for all bradders reading the accounts - i can vouch the guide are as accurate as can be. i like szx in the year being here, esp guiding frens and chongers around szx b'lane, but to narrate it like bradder sperminator is beyond me. How to up your points, bradder, i dunno - i m new to this - but anyway - - -

    Sadly, with a ratio of 1:4 (who knows ?) the Gs in szx are just out to survive, e.g., going to DG for the weekend for double price is so true. Bradders, SOP to likewise survive (dun mean to rub in but for the uninitiated or over-anxious chongers);

    - in china, follow your big head, never your heart. nuthin free
    - for "visiting bradders", when chong, pls dun spoil market - pay market price. dun up price for us living here long term
    - dun bring wallet inside with pp, cc etc. bail out is lachay
    - dun kekiang or hou lian off esp in groups - can get killed. like making a life is cheap (RMB 150 in BBS), taking one also cheap (recent case of taiwan-kia poked for giving faked note to hooker - - )
    - every G is after your S$ / US$ - don't be fooled any other way. szx is a tough expensive city - immigrant population - trying to make better. and the Gs with assets that sfuckers want sure know how to trade.

    - plenty in szx - quality HK style - and cheaper than SHA or BEI, small fee RMB 200 - 300 depending on place
    - lots of KTVs with drugs
    - Gs - tell mamasan wat u want first - dun be shy, and confirm price (which is still subject to change when coming to mai dan) - otherwise disappointment when cannot book out, so go BBS or PCC

    - for a bit more ' sophisticated' Gs, hang out at starbucks or pubs (spring and summer now) at Zhong Xin or in the 10k elephant mall (wan xiang city). if zero score, go to behind ba ding b'lane for MPs or BBS (see sperminator's guide for prices), or still zero - really ass-luck - go PCC
    - WGs - nomally after working hours - szx WGs work pretty hard and tons flood out of places like Sai Ge (tech city near to shangahi hotel) about 6 p.m. U can always hang around looking to buy some computer part and tell long story to the sales girl - there's your evening date! Or if tech is not your deal, fashion shops can do also, like in dong men or zhong xin (more high class).

    - lot of hk bradders keep no. 2s (or 3s) in szx. and they cum weekends. so weekdays, wat no. 2 do ? go pubbing n maybe scoring. try the pubs at szx stadium.

    - BBS quality can be as good as KTV. Why? - KTV Gs pay more or have connection to get the job - and KTV Gs sit table more often (get laid in the process) than BBS Gs. U think the BBS Gs get a customer every night? Wrong! The KTV Gs are more pressured to make R.O.I.
    - Up to you, but best to bunkus BBS Gs - RMB 150 (standard market price) and if u r staying more than walking distance from the BBS, rule is u mai dan with jaga RMB 150, and after job, pay G taxi fare back to the BBS. dun be cheapo. consider bonking in a comfortable and safe environment a good investment.
    - Choose your hotel - another worthwhile investment - cheap hotels u get soliciting d moment u check-in, live entertainment from next door etc - unless u dun wanna rest, then stay in MPs or big MPs for the nite. Best find hotel with foreign manager and make fren
    - FL hanging out in the streets - stay away from them - PSB tip that these are mostly bai fen (addicts) Gs - makes sense, otherwise they would have a "home"
    - dun dream on getting bonk from foot masseurs!

    Bradders - szx is a fun place - cheaper than DG, and selection from different provinces more. GZ is also cool and lot of fun places. Our countrymen are the best choice for China women because of our gullibility, honesty, sincerity and desperation. Generally more bodoh compared to HK or Taiwanese. In a word, China is fun but dont get suckered.

    And i have yet to explore the no hand restaurant street in szx - will tell you after i experienced it - anyone tried and can share?


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    Hey, where are all the contributions to this thread?

    This is not going to work, if no one contributes, don't be selfish, read and contribute!!!

    Without any of your inputs, I only have 24hours, with everyone's 1 hour of contribution, you guys WILL help to build this thread for all to enjoy...

    come on, let's make this thread good okay?

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    Thanks for all your hard work there, Sperminator. I'll be in HK in Sept, and because of this thread, maybe I'll take a trip across the border.

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    Wonderful Blazervision.

    Do remember to place some of your ideas.

    However, must remind you that, Shenzhen is really not like Hong Kong, but you do get the fun if you know how to.

    Met up with RasSpewtin before, what a cool dude... funny guy too.

    Keep in touch, and if you need to contact me, do let me know. PM me.

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    Hunan Bunny Hop in Shenzhen China, Jusco Style.
    Extracts from RasSpewtin's work, my personal buddy. dated 8th July 2005

    Last Monday night was my first opportunity to try the Shenzhen MTR in China. I will be the first to admit that the SZ metro does not measure up to his Hong Kong counterpart, although the two subway systems do have 2 things in common; they are both underground and they both take people to places they want to go. But that is where the similarities end.

    The Hong Kong MTR is incredibly well planned, and can get you to where you need to be in a fraction of the time that you could by driving a car. The SZ metro stops at every fire hydrant and newspaper stand in Shenzhen. I think that at last count there were about 400 stations between Window of the World and Jusco. But the good news is that the metro does indeed stop at Jusco, so now there is one less reason not to go there (except for the 400 stops along the way, of course).

    So stop at Jusco I did, after too long an absence from SZ. I wandered the alleys in classic style, with cold beer in hand and shit eating grin on face. The talent was a little limited on Monday evening, but alley 4 had one shop with two interesting prospects from Hunan. I accepted the Mama’s invitation to sit with a 20-year old cutie from Hunan. She was 5 feet nothing, 45 kg or less, and a perfect body; 35-25-35. Unbelievable. But I learned after sitting for over 20 minutes that this BBS only had one apartment with 2 beds around the corner. Someone needs to give Mama a lesson in marketing.

    But the wait was worth it. There was precious little BBBJ in the room, nor would she allow me to DATY. And everyone knows, well most everyone anyway knows, that Raz likes to eat. So how is it possible that the wait was worth it then, you ask? Good question. Allow me to explain.

    After lifting her up and doing her mid air, I sensed that she wanted to ride the pony. And so I gave her a pony ride. Suddenly, I decided that it was also time to teach her an important phrase in English. As she bounced up and down, I told her to say “I love so fuck!” What does it mean?, she asked in Chinese. I told her in Chinese that it meant that she enjoyed making love. And then she asked again how to say it. And before you know it, I had the cutest girl bouncing up and down on me, all the while chanting “I love to fuck, I love to fuck!” Even after I popped, she continued with the ritual, until I made her stop.

    The cost of having a beautiful BBS girl from Hunan for 30 minutes of fun, 150 RMB. Having her chant “I like to Fuck” while she rides your pony, priceless. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.



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