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Thread: Hookers.nl

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    One reason why the rate of threads is actually astonishingly low in the Netherlands section even though it has a prolific scene, is because there is a local site called www.hookers.nl which is basically modelled on this site. The info is very good and up to date. Unfortunately it is also only in Dutch. Perhaps explaining why the Amsterdam scene is still discused here by tourists and why the rest of the NL sex scene (huge) is ignored. Being Dutch myself it isn't a problem but for all the foreign mongers trying to decipher this language I can only recommend using an online translation service. There is much to explore outside Amsterdam whose service in general is more expensive and more hastily done.

    The relative immediate vanishing from local Dutch input to this site after a local site was founded only proves the point that sex tourism is very overrated. Most of the prostitutes service the local population not tourists. This includes Thailand where it is systemicaly ignored that most of the prostitutes cater to the locals.

    Anyway, the NL sex scene is still going strong eventhough this site seems relatively deserted for the amount of activity there is.

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    anything interesting near the Airport? i will stay one night at Schipol, leaving early next morning, so no time to go into town.
    are there any sex clubs? gogo bars? stripclubs near the airport?

    thanks for info


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    Schipol is about 20 minutes and only €6 by train from the Amsterdam Central Station.

    Try it you won't regret it


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